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Stuck in a storm

Stuck in a Storm

Losing all sense of direction

Life’s disturbances push me down,

Weariness and spiritual fatigue

Comes to kick me out of town.

Burned out, weary to the bone,

I wonder what I did wrong,

This uncaring, unwanted stranger

Took from me my joyful song.

Is this how God repays me?

Don’t I deserve much more?

How am I expected to cope?

Are additional storms in store?

Feeling stuck and unable to move

What solution can ease my pain?

An evil force collides with me

And it messes with my brain.

Listlessly going through the motions

I don’t know what I should do,

Drifting along and being off course

I’m in a dead zone feeling blue.

Can I trust my God to intervene

And redirect my disoriented way?

Doesn’t He know that I’m desperate?

This way I don’t want to stay!

Do you sometimes feel stuck, unable to move forward in your walk? God often uses our stuck place to do a great work in you. Usually if something is happening to you, God wants to do something in you. In order to get us unstuck, we probably will need to make some changes, have more discipline, and even have more perseverance. If we’re not pursing God we won’t experience a passion and zeal for life. In our burned out condition we become weary to the bone, scared, anxious, and there seems to us to be no end in sight of a condition change. We lose a sense of purpose and become confused and wonder if we are making any difference at all to anyone. We end up on the brink of spiritual and emotional exhaustion.

Life disturbances come about when storms hit. Often people wonder if they have done something wrong to bring these storms upon them. We wonder if we are being punished by God for something. When they hit, we become discouraged, depressed, confused, and can’t figure out how we got there, or how we can get beyond this place. We feel numb inside and our joy leaves. Often this condition comes about as the result of a number of factors converging together. We become listless, and find ourselves just going through the motions. Without a strong direction toward a place God is moving, or a secure anchor to keep you grounded, it is easy to drift into a dead zone. Most of us don’t respond to storms correctly. Instead of running to God for protection, we run away from him. When times get hard we think God is not keeping his end of the bargain. We’ve gone to church, prayed, read our Bible and this how God repays us? We blame God, he shouldn’t allow this to happen to us! We’re in need of some kind of shot to bring us back to life.

Some people think the answer lies in a secret addiction. We’ll just numb away our pain. Problem is, the secret addiction only lasts temporarily with moments of pleasure and then we are right back with even more problems brought on by our addictions. We feel there’s no one to talk to who will understand our condition, so we carry this condition alone, burying our emotions just below the surface. We’ve lost our balance and purpose and can’t figure out what God created us to do. Our humdrum life seems unbearable at times and we find it hard to cope. We become exhausted in our struggle because we have failed to surrender our total self over to God’s control. We try hard to save ourselves, but we can’t do it on our own. Only God can bring us back out of our disoriented condition and teach us valuable life lessons while going through the storms. He will bring you through to the other side if you’ll place your complete trust in him. Be assured that God will rescue you again and again and bring you something good for all your suffering. Stop blaming, hang on tight, and trust God to intervene at the right time.

Sheila Wells Hughes, January 23, 2013, # 696