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A Taste Of Heaven

A Taste of Heaven

I long for that glorious day

When God gives me a white stone,

He’ll engrave my new name upon it,

Only to me it’s understanding is known.

It will be my pass into heaven

Where my spiritual eyes will see,

That it’s a place of exquisite beauty,

Where a greater love envelopes me.

I’ll walk upon transparent gold streets

And the hidden manna of God I’ll eat,

Everything about this heavenly dwelling

Will definitely be remarkably sweet.

I’ll finally find freedom eternally

From sorrow, death, and pain,

There’ll be no night, crying or thirst

Fulfillment and satisfaction I’ll gain.

A white garment of purity I will wear

And it will shine of a brilliant light,

Peace, joy, and comfort never leave

And no longer will I have to fight.

There’ll be no sun, moon or stars

God’s brilliance will light this place,

Since He loves all his created children

Heaven is offered to every human race.

We’ll only find there the poor in spirit

For pride will never make the grade,

We’ll sing eternal praises to God’s name

For His delight we have all been made.

It’s for certain that no human can come up with a name that will completely represent our character, but God can. He will give us this new name upon our entrance into heaven. Revelation 2:17speaks symbolically of being given a white stone, which God engraves our new name upon, as our entry pass into heaven. Only God and we will be able to understand the meaning of our new name. That name will represent who we have become over a lifetime here on earth. We definitely don’t want to get a black stone because that represents entrance into hell.

There are several descriptions of what will be waiting for us in heaven. We will wear a white (indicating purity) robe and our spiritual eyes will see exquisite beauty everywhere. What we see will blow our minds! We’ll walk on transparent gold streets, and we’ll eat of the hidden manna that will quench our hunger and thirst forever. There will no longer be any pain or sorrow or death there. We’ll be full of laughter and joy and we will sing praise to our Almighty God for his great goodness to us. No longer will we have to put up with evil, it will not gain entrance into heaven, but will be cast into a deep dark pit called hell where it’s inhabitants will burn of fire and be tormented eternally for their rejection of Christ as their Savior. They are bound there unable to roam anywhere else freely. They loved evil more than righteousness, so that is what God will give them for eternity.

It’s great to know that our loving God has prepared such a wonderful place for us to dwell in with Him. All our faithful love and devotion for him down here on earth will not go unrewarded by Him. He alone knows us completely and will reward us accordingly. Of course, to me I’m already richly blessed down here on earth just by knowing Jesus as Lord. Up close understanding of who He is and what he stands for is real gold as far as I’m concerned. The materialistic thinking and treasures of this world will fade and pass away, but God’s Word inside of us will last forever. I long for that day. It’s a place that we’ll never want to leave, because we will finally love God and one another the right way. Praise God!

Sheila Wells Hughes, November 30, 2012, # 687