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A Plea To God

Jesus, please hang onto me

Don’t ever let me go,

Lift me up once again

So that I may continue to follow

You all the way home

To that glorious place,

Where time stands still

And no problems I’ll face.

Hurry Lord, don’t let me be lost,

But let me be found instead.

And please don’t overlook me,

Or deliberately turn your head.

Grant unto me your gracious mercy

And heal my wounds where I’ve bled.

Could you please clear away just a few

Of the obstacles out of my way,

So I won’t get too bogged down

Not to see brightness in each day.

Then, work to unstop my ears

And let me hear you speak,

Breathe into me renewed determination

So I’ll give up being weak.

I really do love you Lord

And I truly do want to obey,

Forgive me for all the times

When from you I’ve chosen to stray.

I need to feel your love

And to know you’re always close by;

Teaching me, protecting me,

As you help lift my spirit up high.

I plead with you, don’t leave me alone

For my heart will surely die,

Stay and give me your love,

It’s more precious than what money can buy.

Without you as head of my life

I just cannot endure,

But with you my attitude can change

I’ll go from being unsure to being sure.

I long so much for that glorious day

When my sinful nature will end,

And I’m set free at last to feel nothing

But love, peace and joy within.

My life then in one sense will end,

But in another sense, it will just begin.

In a similar way to David, in the Book of Psalms, each of us have cried out a plea to God for Him to come and help us in a trying time. We may be going through a time of introspection and we need to know that God is still close by, that He hasn’t left us or deliberately turned His head away from us. Our plea is to the God of the Universe, our Creator, the one who loves tiny us, regardless of our misgivings. His Spirit brings us to our senses so we can see our way back home to Him when we’ve gone astray. We need Him in order to survive. We need His mercy and grace and forgiveness when we’ve sinned. We need His healing, both physically and spiritually. When we are weak, we need His help to be strong. When it seems everyone is against us, we need to feel secure in God’s arms. Without God in our lives we are nothing. He gives us meaning and purpose for living. He teaches and guides us along righteous pathways as we journey through life. We desperately need to hear His voice speak to us in our lonely times when no one else is around. We are creatures who need to feel love. We know that should God leave us alone our heart would surely die. His love is more precious than all the money in the world. We long for the Day of His Return when we can go with him to our forever home, where problems will no longer exist. Only love, joy, and peace will exist.

Our life here on earth will end some day, but a better life for us will then, just begin.

In your own personal plea to God, pray that you and others will not be lost, but that you will be found in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Sheila Wells Hughes, December 12, 2017, # 868