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Touching Others

Touch me in a special way this day

Work on me your magic in what you say,

Leave a loving imprint upon my heart

That will never wash off, nor ever depart.

Hold hands, embrace, and give me a smile

I’ll place them in my unforgettable file,

Make me laugh so hard that I will cry

Bestow on me gifts that I’m unable to buy.

May our laughter give off an infectious sound

That will cause additional people to come around,

Intermingling together loving encounters inspire –

Even the grumpy ones there can be set on fire!

Our touch can bring comfort, it can even heal

Bring people back to life and make them feel

They’re important to someone else for a while –

When facing death, it can help go the last mile.

Reach out and touch diverse people with needs

And lovingly bandage that sore that bleeds,

They’ll be most grateful for your kind grace

As they look upon you they’ll see God’s face.

How many people will you touch in your lifetime? How big of an impact will you have upon some else? As long as we live we will touch someone in some way. Others in turn will touch us as well. We have the choice of whether we will be a blessing to someone or a curse. God has a plan for all of our lives. He has been watching over you since you became a live being inside your mother’s womb. He knows what you are gifted to do in life. He wants to teach and guide you into greater knowledge and wisdom. He has your best interest at heart. God will reveal himself to you in many different ways. God speaks to us through scripture, desires, people, dreams and visions, promptings and pain. You just need to learn how to listen and discern God’s voice from Satan’s. God doesn’t speak in a loud voice, but for the most part he speaks in a whisper. He speaks in this manner so we will draw closer to Him so his voice can be better heard. He wants to become near and dear to your heart. He wants to change you from a self-absorbed person into a person who puts others first. God wants to mark you as His child and put you on display in this sinful world as you provide your services to Him and others. If we follow Him closely our lives will reflect His. We should want to act righteously and our desire should be to please God in all that we do. God also wants us to be filled with joy. Laughter has healing properties. In my imagination I see Jesus as not only a serious-minded individual, but also one who laughed a lot. I would like to think He joked with his friends the same way we do. He was God, but also human like us. He didn’t come to earth as a king so he could mingle among us common folk. He was born into a poor family, but He brought to us the riches of heaven. He fully surrendered His life for our sake, so we might live forever with him some day. God speaks to all of us through our five senses, our present and past memories, and our dreams for the future. He can even speak through our thoughts and ideas. God is everywhere and working in every facet of our lives. Do you stop to give Him credit for giving you ideas that are beneficial? The good thoughts come to us through His Holy Spirit. Be sure to always show your gratitude to him when you pray. If you are a true child of God you will look for ways you can touch and bless someone else. It doesn’t have to always be a big touch, those small touches can leave lasting impressions upon us as well. We all have the capability of touching in our own special way. I encourage you to look for ways you can be a blessing to someone this day. Blessings given have a way of ricocheting back to us with a blessing. Go out there and make some unforgettable, God-filled memories. Let God touch you, so you can share his loving touch with others.

Sheila Wells Hughes, January 28, 2018, # 873