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We All Get Scarred

If you think you are the only one who has scars, think again! The truth is, everyone has scars. Even Jesus has scars. Scars often feel very painful to us, and we just find it hard to show these scars off to someone else. Actually, scars can be a good thing. They can teach us valuable lessons and remind us we don’t want to go there again. We can be shaped by our scars, or we can be trapped by them. One thing is for certain, no one’s journey in life is a perfectly straight line. We all have kinks. We all are created imperfect and complex. Every experience we have will no doubt leave some kind of imprint on us. We have good experiences and bad ones, and from both kinds we are shaped into the person we’ll become.

Relationships can make us richer than money. Some may feel at the time that they made us poorer. Yet, we can learn valuable lessons from both kinds. Jesus stressed in order to have a friend, first we must be a friend. Before He left us, he commanded that we love one another, as he has loved us. He’s not judgmental, he accepts us the way we are. He wants to change us into something even better if we will listen and follow his guidelines for living. But He doesn’t force us to do anything. He offers us his love before we ever choose to change. Jesus knows that good friends are hard to come by. He only had a few close friends himself. There are only a few trustworthy ones we can open up to without worrying about their response. Sometimes if we step out first and share one of our painful experiences, it will open the door for someone else to respond back to us with one of their experiences. If we don’t become vulnerable to someone and reveal our painful scars, they can often trap us and not allow us to feel the freedom God wants us to feel in life. We can focus on our pain too much and trap the beauty we have inside from coming out for others to see and experience. What a gift it is to share both our highs and lows with someone else. All our stories are different, but we all can relate in our humanity. Jesus was human and God, he laughed, he wept, and he loved us so much he died for us. That same kind of love he wants us to have for our fellowman.

I hope you will allow God to be your best friend as well as your Savior and King. I also hope you will find a true, authentic friend you can open up to when you go through trying times. We have to take the risk before we can share in the reward. Be faithful, and never turn your back on your friend. Always want what is best for them, and hopefully the same will come back to you. Don’t end up impoverished. Enrich someone else’s life today. Your unselfish relational gifts are much better than money. Intend to be the best you can be, and think of your scars as friendly reminders of what happened in your past. Move past them and show your present inner beauty forward for all to see.

Sheila Wells Hughes, February 5, 2018, # 874