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God Does Miracles Different Ways

Unpredictable is the God that I serve

His path goes straight, or takes a curve,

It’s difficult to know or to figure out

If I’m to be still, or if I should scout.

His methods unpredictable, timing is right,

It’s just so hard to see with my human sight,

Yes, His will is what I definitely want to do

When I’m venturing out to do something new.

God is waiting for me to surrender my all

Listen closely to His Spirit, respond to His call,

Move at His promptings when all seems hazy

God will convince me that He is never crazy!

Thinking logically I may get in God’s way

And spoil the surprise He intends that day,

I should settle into God’s arms like a nest

And believe that He wants for me His best.

God can do anything, anywhere, and anyhow

He’s so awesome He never has to take a bow,

He thinks less of himself and more of you

Working under His divine authority is a crew.

We can never figure out the ways of God. His timing is always right, but His methods are unpredictable. We are creatures of habit, but we cannot reduce God to our level and formula. If you think you’ve got God figured out, you are in for an eye-opening surprise! God does things the least expected way. He loves to surprise us with one of those jaw-dropping moments. Far be it for me to tell God how to do His business. I am a good example of how God brought to me one of His wild and wacky miracles because I listened to what His Spirit was saying and obeyed. You have to obey some (crazy promptings) before you can experience His (wacky miracles)!

My vision of the king in the star, looking out my back door facing east, was one of those crazy miracles. I was led to our back door and saw a bigger and brighter than normal star one night. The first thing that came to my mind was to go to the basement and get my binoculars to get a closer look. That (prompting) was from God, because He wanted to use those binoculars to show me a miracle. Had I stopped and given that crazy prompting too much thought I might never have followed through to go get the binoculars. After all, logical thinking would have thought that it was crazy to think binoculars could give me a better view of a star so far away. I would need a NASA telescope would be the logical way to think. I thank God I went with the Spirit’s prompting over logical thinking. By quickly getting those binoculars and looking through them at the star God showed me a bold, pure gold, outline of a king wearing a flowing robe and he had a golden crown on his head. I knew the bold gold outlined king was Jesus. I did put the binoculars to a test. I lowered the binoculars from my eyes and then looked back at the star with only my eyes, and I saw only a star that anyone else could see. But when I looked back through the binoculars, there was the miracle vision God wanted only my eyes to see! I responded to God’s Holy Spirit’s crazy prompting and God rewarded me with a jaw-dropping miracle vision! I’ll be forever grateful to God for what He showed me that night. I’ll never forget it!

God can speak to us in so many ways. Scripture tells us He spoke through a donkey to Baalam, to Jonah through a whale, to Gideon through a fleece, and many times through his crew of holy angels. God brings all his miracles to individuals in many different ways. His miracles usually come to us not in rational thinking ways, but foolish ways. God accomplishes His purpose anyway He wants! He can do the miracle anywhere, anyhow, and anytime. It stands to reason after getting two far-out visions myself from God, that I am definitely what you might call, “a fool for Christ!”

Pray that God will lead you to do His will in your difficult decisions. Ask God if He is opening a door of opportunity, or closing it. Then, believe He will give you a (prompting) on which way to go.

Sheila Wells Hughes, February 12, 2018, # 875