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Showing Love and Grace to the Undeserved

Showing Love and Grace to the Undeserved

None of us deserve the forgiveness and grace

Jesus has granted unto the whole human race,

He came not to condemn, but rather to love,

Came to reconcile us again to the Father above.

Grace incomprehensible has now been shown

No longer do we have to continue to moan

And believe Satan’s lie that keeps us a slave,

We can better ourselves in the way we behave.

Don’t point your finger toward another’s sin

For their place is the same place you’ve been,

We all do sin and fall short of God’s glory

Personally, none of us have a perfect story.

Only Jesus could do what we couldn’t do

He sacrificed perfectly; to God’s purpose was true,

He showed us the way, taught us to live right

Proved it’s much better for us to love than to fight.

Humbly come before Him with a gracious heart

Ask forgiveness, turn around, make a new start,

Learn from your past, grow and move ahead

You’re not alone, trust, you’ll be spiritually fed.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all could be God’s agents of grace all the time. Instead of always looking to condemn others for the wrong they have done, we need to love these people when they least expect it or deserve it. That’s what God does for us when we ask him to forgive us. He marks our sins off his list and forgets them when we truly want to change our ways. Jesus doesn’t condone our sinful actions, he wants us to go forward and sin no more. (John 8:7-11) In this same scripture people wanted to throw stones at the woman caught in adultery. Jesus said, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.” It’s real easy to point fingers toward others for their sins, but if we’re honest, the finger often needs to be pointed right back at us. No one is without sin. People are quick to label others by the mistakes they’ve made. Jesus doesn’t define us by what we’ve done wrong, but by what Christ has done right for us. Jesus sees the potential for greatness inside of us. While some people write us off, Jesus writes us in. He frees us so we can get on with our future and forget our past. When someone shows us grace, we never forget their kindness toward us. Their actions say to us that they are believing in us to be and do better.

Jesus forgives immediately, but it takes us a lot longer to forgive ourselves and change our ways, especially when we have acted in a wrongful way for years. It takes us a long time to fully exercise our demons. Jesus forgets our sins, but we cannot forget them. Breaking old habits is hard and doesn’t take place immediately. Those who have sinned a lot truly appreciate being forgiven by Jesus even more. They know they didn’t deserve the love and grace shown to them by Jesus so they have an even greater gratitude as a result. It’s the cross of Jesus that turns our regrets into possibilities.

We need to pray hard when the temptation to sin in the area of our greatest weakness comes around. The Holy Spirit will send us strength beyond our own to reject it. Consciously and subconsciously we can allow Satan to beat us up with the painful memories of our past. Satan wants us to believe his lies that we can never be better. He wants us to be enslaved to our sins and mistakes forever. But God loved us enough to die for us so we can be forgiven and move from the past into the future without further shame and guilt. We can use our memory for the good instead of the bad. Our memory can help us to remember not to fall into Satan’s trap again.

Humbly come before God and thank Him for all the grace He has shown toward your sins. And the next time you see another sinner, don’t be quick to condemn, instead, pass on to them the same kind of love and grace that Jesus has shown towards you. Don’t heap more pain onto the pain someone is already experiencing. God doesn’t expect us to condone their sin, but He does expect us to love them anyway. We are to love, not to judge.

Sheila Wells Hughes, February 28, 2018, # 876