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Prideful Downfall

Prideful Downfall

Power and pride can taunt and mock

And cause us to have much fear,

It’s difficult to do the right thing

Should great danger be lurking near.

Knees shaking, we try to persevere

Against an enemy who wants to kill,

Looking for a way out of our mess

Perhaps we can bribe the enemy’s will.

Word comes back for us to surrender

The enemy insults God, calls him weak,

Listening only to God, we then pray,

And humbly ask Him now to speak.

Our God Almighty frowns on pride

So He comes now to comfort and calm,

His weary children chose Him to trust

He assures they are safe in His palm.

Our God then spoils the enemy’s plan

He sends him running away fast,

God proves to everyone a great lesson

That unrighteousness will not last.

In Chapter 36-37 of Isaiah the Assyrians siege Lachish before they intended to conquer Jerusalem. King Hezekiah recognized the great danger his capital, Jerusalem, faced. Frightened, King Hezekiah sent messengers to Sennacherib offering him a bribe of eleven tons of silver and one ton of gold, urging him to withdraw. (2 Kings 18:14-15) Sennacherib knew he had Hezekiah where he wanted him, so he refused the money since he knew he could have much more. He sent messengers back to Hezekiah with a letter demanding surrender of the capital city. (Isaiah 36:1-22) Full of pride, Sennacherib mocked Hezekiah’s God saying He could not protect him, the people, or the city of Jerusalem. Sennacherib further taunted Hezekiah by saying if he gave Hezekiah two thousand horses Hezekiah wouldn’t have enough men to ride them. Also he told Hezekiah not to depend on Egypt to come and help save them. Prideful Sennacherib boasted that Hezekiah’s God was weak and could not save them.

After receiving the threatening letter from Sennacherib, Hezekiah took the blasphemous letter to the temple and laid it out before God and prayed to the Lord. He told God that Sennacherib had insulted Him, but he trusted that God could deliver Jerusalem from the hand of Sennacherib who had heaped insults on Him. God sent a message through Isaiah to Hezekiah saying, because you have prayed to me Sennacherib will not enter Jerusalem. God will send a spirit in Sennacherib that will cause him to return to his own country. God said he would defend Jerusalem and save it for His sake and the sake of David his servant. After that God sent an angel of the Lord out and put to death 185,000 soldiers in the Assyrian camp. God showed the prideful Sennacherib not to mess with him or insult and blaspheme him. He should not have lifted his eyes in pride before the Holy One of Israel. Not only did God protect Jerusalem and cause Sennacherib to go back to his own country, but while Sennacherib was worshipping his idol god Nisroch one day, two of his sons cut him down with the sword. This story has an unhappy ending for prideful Sennacherib, King of Assyria.

Pride can certainly be our downfall. We may not be a king, but we can carry pride around in our heart the same as Sennacherib if we’re not careful. Having too much money, pride, and power can destroy us. Don’t ever disrespect God Almighty. Do as Hezekiah did instead and pray for God to come and save you when threatened by an enemy.

Sheila Wells Hughes, March 28, 2018, # 880