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Jesus was Man and God

Jesus’ birth was in a simple manger

Unknown to us, He was God incognito,

He didn’t come to a royal family

And He never wore a pricey tuxedo.

He looked like an ordinary man

But undercover He had miraculous power,

His character was righteous and good

Loving and kind, He was

seldom sour.

He was a healer, teacher, and friend

He got close enough to feel our pain,

Just like the Father, Jesus was perfect,

From sinning, He managed to refrain.

In many ways we can relate to Him

He wasn’t lazy, he had a purpose and job,

And similar to us, when He grieved,

He wasn’t too big or too manly to sob.

He opened our eyes so we could see

How blind Satan causes us to be,

He died in our place, upon a cross,

Only He could redeem and set us free.

God was so wise in how Jesus came to us the first time. He came not to a royal family where he would be on display for the powerfully rich and not so much for the simple folk. He didn’t wear costly attire, but dressed in normal every day robes of that day and time. He didn’t look any different from the common man. And yet, He was God Almighty undercover. His childhood was like most other kids of that day. He was born in a simple manger and had a Heavenly Father and earthly mother. He was God himself in human flesh. By coming to us this way He could mingle and teach us by getting close to us. He wasn’t lazy, but grew up learning the trade of his earthly father Joseph, that being a Carpenter. He felt both pain and joy, and grieved as we do. He wasn’t afraid to cry and show his emotions.

He came to us for a specific purpose. He came to be the only sacrifice suitable to right our relationship again with the Father. Jesus was sinless, so he could take our place and be the perfect sacrifice to cover our sins and provide us with forgiveness. Jesus was a teacher, healer, and friend. He loved us more than we can love him back. He came out of love and grace and showed us mercy when we didn’t deserve it. He opened our blind eyes to what Satan was doing. Jesus overcame death by dying and being resurrected. Now, we too can follow suit and be like Him when we accept him as our Savior. How great is that!!

I’ll be forever greatful to Jesus for coming and accomplishing the plan of salvation for mankind designed for us by the Father. Jesus carried out the plan flawlessly. God was well-pleased with His Son. Jesus slipped in without causing a stir, but now he sits in glory next to His Father awaiting the time when He returns to us as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. He came the first time to earth as a Servant, the next time He comes as King and Judge. Next time every knee will bow to his kingship, for everyone will then recognize Him for who He is, God Almighty, Creator of all. Praise be to His Name!

Sheila Wells Hughes, April 9, 2018, # 883