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Stretched by God

Stretch my mind and my faith

As I walk in Your Word each day,

Thrill me by showing me something new

Peak my interest to want more I pray.

A little more power, a little more glory

I believe you can bring to my life,

The closer we get, the more I’ll surrender –

Soothe harsh pain that cuts like a knife.

May I see afresh without indifference

Don’t allow monotony to cloud my sight,

Should I ever ignore your amazing Creation

Shake me, wake me, point me to the light.

Magnify my love for you along the way

And increase my willpower to reject sin,

Having felt past pain that sin can bring

I want to stay out of the robber’s den.

Listen and obey is what I want to do

Link us together so I can hear you speak,

You’re a timeless God who loves to surprise

Open up the supernatural, let me take a peek.

As I have grown closer to God over time, God has also stretched my mind and my faith. God doesn’t get in a hurry to grow us to be more like Him. He knows it will take time and a greater love on our part for Him. Deep love doesn’t take place over night, neither can we possibly learn all the lessons His Word has for us in a short period of time. It’s a lifetime study as we walk daily by His side. It is never a boring journey that we travel in order to be stretched by God. There is so much He intends for us to experience before we can truly grow mature in our faith. When we truly surrender our lives to Him, he will grow us through the good times and the bad. When our hearts are sincere in following Him, he will help us gain more power and glory a little at a time. God knows how much we can stand at one time. He wants to stretch us, not break us.

I have an inner desire to learn more about Him all the time. I never tire of reading His Word because I know He will show me something new with each reading. What a thrill I get out of a new learning! Once your eyes are opened, you never see the same again. You will then have been stretched a little bit bigger. I pray that I will never take seeing His Creation for granted on a daily basis. When you stop and consider how everything works together, and all the beauty we take in with our eyes, you realize God has provided everything for our benefit. God has placed miracles all around us, so don’t take His miracles for granted. Thank Him daily for all his provisions.

I pray He will magnify my love for him, as well as to increase my willpower to reject sin. We always suffer pain when we sin against God and others. Even through the pain God can stretch us. Hopefully we will learn from our mistakes. Sin separates, and if we don’t get forgiveness sin can destroy us. I do want to listen and obey my Lord. I serve a timeless God who never ceases to amaze me. If I follow God closely, who knows, God just might surprise me by giving me a peek into the supernatural. God loves to surprise His children, the same as we love to surprise our own children.

Keep seeking more of God all through life and believe that all Christians will get even greater surprises in the next life. No one can outgive God. Tell Him how grateful you are for all his wonderful gifts. Believe that you will be stretched by God if you do your part. And never forget, that God will do his part many times over your own.

Sheila Wells Hughes, April 17, 2018