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Discoveries Yet Unknown

What wonders there awaits for us

If only we will seek,

And what obstacles we must conquer

Before we reach that peak.

God has supplied us the resources

And freedom of choice to pursue,

To attain must first come the labors

Required to see the job through.

Determined, we forcefully push onward

Though failures block our way,

By stretching our mind, body, and soul

Sweet victory comes home to stay.

In every line of work new discoveries are waiting to be found. They won’t be found if we don’t seek them. Those who do seek to find them will always run into many obstacles along the way before actuall

finding the new discoveries. It takes a lot of determination on the part of the one seeking. Quitting is not an option in their thinking. They give their best each and every day in their hope of attaining success in what they are pursuing. They want the newer and better to replace the outdated.

God has supplied us with the resources. He gave us a brain to think and everything else we might need is out there too. Sometimes the new discoveries are in plain sight, but disguised as something else. For the most part, many of us are seeking in areas where there is a need, but not always. Sometimes discoveries happen where we least expect them. Whether we are seeking new discoveries in the medical field, the study of space, or countless other areas, there are plenty of new discoveries out there to go around to all of us which have still yet to be found. It will take a lot of hard labor in order to achieve success. We must push ourselves to the limit. New discoveries rarely come to those who sit back and do nothing. We have to stretch our mind, body, and soul to the limit constantly. When we do finally find the new discovery we were looking for we become elated. A sweet victory is our reward after a long and hard search. What a great fulfillment is brought to the one who discovers and for those who will benefit from the discovery.

We have advanced in all areas today compared to where we used to be back in Bible times. The longer we live, the more advanced we will become. New innovations will hopefully bring improvement to our lives.

Are you a seeker in life for new discoveries or are you satisfied with the way

things are presently? I sure am glad there are some out there who look to change things in our society for the betterment of mankind. Without their ingenious minds and new insights we would stay the same. Whether we are seekers to better our own lives morally, or seekers to advance us through inventions, we all can play some small part in making changes.

Sheila Wells Hughes, April 28, 2018, # 886