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The Magnitude of Music

Music, that forever astute device

which toys with our emotions,

Its sound can lull us into quiescence

Or excite us into various motions.

Uncontrollably, we’re made happy or sad

Once engulfed by its control,

From bondage it brings mankind emancipation

And world-wide its name we extol.

I wrote this short poem in 1986, but at the time I wasn’t writing commentaries to go with my poems. I decided to put this one out again to honor God by extolling music and its effect upon us. Music crosses the language barrier and brings people around the world together in harmony. Music can soothe the soul, or it can excite us and move our body into various motions. We dance to music, both slowly and fast. Music moves our spirit and can change our mood from sad to happy. Music moves all people regardless of where one might live. Music may sound different in another part of the world, and we may not understand the words being sung, but the sound of the music can still move us. When people are moved by its sound they will often beat with their hands like a drummer on whatever is nearby. Music can take control of our listless bodies and bring us to life. I’d like to think that our God is moved by music and song as well. I believe we will sing in perfect harmony songs of praise to the One who is worthy in Heaven some day.

When King David and his men brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem there was a lot of celebrating before the Lord with songs, harps, lyres, tambourines, sistrums and cymbals. King David was so caught up in the music that he was moved to dance around caring not how he looked to others. He must have shown off some parts of his body that offended his wife though, who was watching from a window. David didn’t care, for his heart was moved by the music to dance for the Lord, not his wife. (2 Samuel 6:1-23) Because David’s wife was critical of his dance before the Lord, she was accursed and she could never bear children all through life. That was her fate due to her critical remarks. God enjoyed David’s dance because God knew his heart was so happy that God’s Ark of the Covenant was coming home again to the Israelites. David had a great love for God and he wasn’t afraid to display that love openly before others through music and dance.

Music is used in countless ways today; in concerts, churches, ball games, schools, parades, and ordinations, to mention only a few. God loves music and He created us to love it as well. Music definitely moves our heart. I hope you will honor God with music since it came from Him. I’m sure it will bring a smile to His face when you sing, play an instrument, or dance for God’s glory.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 4, 2018, # 886