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Two Types of Change Needed

Two Types of Change Needed

We all need two types of change

Before we can ever choose right,

We have to see before we can act

God’s laws bring spiritual light.

We often make foolish mistakes

By allowing our minds to think wrong,

Visual thoughts can sway our actions

Can make us weak or make us strong.

We cannot solve important problems

Without thinking first before we act,

We need to put God before ourselves

And make with Him a spiritual pact.

He will teach us to live better lives

If in Him we’ll choose to follow,

He can fill us up with righteousness

Or with sin we can remain hollow.

There are two types of change which Christians strive to make in life. There is behavioral change – learning to do things differently, and there is conceptual change – being able to see things differently. Behavioral change is always hard when we habitually have done things one way over a long period of time without seeing the wrong in it. Our minds get set in our ways and it’s hard to change our minds when we like what we are doing. We have to learn more control over our mind when it comes to changing from our wrongful practices. That’s hard for all of us. Our minds visualize things before we often do certain deeds. People don’t rob banks without first thinking about it in their minds. Getting money the wrong way is a behavioral and conceptual change that they will definitely need to make, otherwise they will break the law and could end up in jail for a long period of time. They need to see things differently before making a huge mistake that could ruin their lives and the lives of those closest to them. We cannot solve our problems if we refuse to change our thinking that got us into the problem.

Christians have been given a choice by God to do what is right or what is wrong. God has provided us with spiritual laws that will help us live a better life. If we break God’s laws we sin against God and are separated from Him. Christ came to solve this problem that man could not solve on our own. We needed forgiveness for our sins that only He could provide by dying on the cross. When we break man’s laws we have to pay the price depending upon the severity. Laws are important, but if we are not careful, we can break both God’s and man’s laws when we allow our minds to think wrong thoughts and then carry them out. All people need to behave differently once we are able to see differently. Jesus never broke God’s laws, but he broke the laws of man when they were wrong. The Pharisees had crazy laws of not healing someone on the Sabbath. This kind of law was not beneficial to anyone.

Choose life over death. Don’t break God’s laws. When you do, run quickly to Jesus for forgiveness. Learn from your wrong thinking that caused your sin and change your behavior in the future. You can make a change in your behavior and a change in how you see things when you put God first over your own selfish wants.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 11, 2018, # 887