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Doubt Before Belief

Doubt makes us search for answers –

You may doubt me, I may doubt you,

But I promise to remain open-minded,

And search things completely through.

Questions are good, they help us learn

For truth is important for us to know,

Search and study takes timely patience

But our reward in the end is we’ll grow.

Doubt can keep us from persevering

It can affect our mind and our will,

And if we stubbornly hang on to it

There’s a chance our soul it may kill.

Search God’s Word for all the truth

For in God you can trust and believe,

He can turn our disappointment into joy,

He promises life eternal we’ll receive.

To be able to think, doubt, poke, and ask questions makes faith more real to me. Doubt can make us into a better believer by causing us to search for answers. Our mind can be opened by the questions and the study that we do. Some people however, might look at doubt as a weakness of faith, but I personally don’t see it that way. Some of us have to think long and hard over important questions before we can see the truth. Doubt can affect two people in different ways. It may motivate one to study and learn, while the other person it can cause them not to believe, or even try. All our studies definitely remind us of how much truth matters. Most all of us have doubts that we wrestle with from time to time. Even our greatest spiritual leaders have experienced doubt. I have heard that Martin Luther King insisted that pride -not doubt- is the opposite of faith.

Doubt on the other hand can affect the mind and will of a person and block their courage and devotion. It may even keep us from persevering. If we doubt we can get well, then we may not. Doubting can go bad if we’re not careful with our thinking. Skeptics don’t want to commit themselves if sufficient evidence has not been found. They are afraid of being wrong or hurt. They have a fear of being disappointed. Skeptics would rather appear right than take the risk of trusting. One disciple was known for being a skeptic and he was nicknamed: “Doubting Thomas.” Doubt to skeptics can rob them of confidence and hope. Thomas didn’t believe Jesus had risen from the dead without first seeing proof of that with his own eyes. He wouldn’t take the word of the other disciples. (John 20:25). To doubt is to be of two minds. To be a double-minded person we are unstable. (James 1:5-8). This kind of person is torn in two directions at once. “Jesus said to Thomas, because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29). Being skeptical can keep us from blessings. This does not mean that we should take everything as truth. It’s important to search for the truth. In our search we can grow in faith. Some may not be seeking answers as much as trying to avoid responsibility. We may want to blame the next guy and not be responsible ourselves. It is a way that we can go into an inaction mode.

Belief and unbelief happens to all of us at some time. Possibly our search can strengthen our relationship with God and others when we search for truth. Searching leads to growth. Be responsible in your search. All of us want to believe in something or someone. Some of us are afraid to surrender to a Higher Power (God). We want to rule, rather than allowing God to be ruler of our lives.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 17, 2018, # 888