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Hidden Room

Deep within our body temple

We each have a hidden room,

Some sinful clutter is stored there

That needs sweeping with God's broom.

Once God gets it clean and bright

Daily we strive to keep it straight,

Yet dirt again slips back in thro' a crack Due to a vulnerable human trait.

Our house it seems lacks perfection

Though we keep the mess from view,

We discreetly hide it behind a closed door

And only open it for a special few.

We show people the good part of our house

But from that room we keep them away,

We don't want to take any risks

For we fear what others might say.

People can be cruel and unfeeling

They speak first before they think,

But if I'm not mistaken their own house

Has a room that will sometimes stink.

We all have a hidden room inside of us that we don't allow the public to view. It's a room we have placed out of sight. We don't like the fact that we have this room, for we would prefer never to sin. Unfortunately, we all sin on occasion. Thank God we can clean that hidden room up once God comes to sweep it clean through His forgiveness. Again, we feel good about all the work we continue to do on our house to make it look good to others, and especially to God, and for a long time that room may stay quite clean. Then, as time goes by we notice one day that the sinful dirt has slipped right back inside that room again. We feel horrible about allowing that dirt to get back inside again, but the fact is, it did anyway.

As hard as we try, we alone cannot rid ourselves of our fallen state. Sin has a way of making us feel like failures, so in our guilt we run and hide our messy room from others. We show off the good part of our house, but we fear opening up the door to that hidden room. We convince ourselves that we cannot risk what others might say about this messy room filled now with more sinful clutter. The fact is people can be very judgmental.

They can point fingers and speak cruelly about our house, but conveniently forget that they have one of those same hidden rooms in their own house as well.

God will come back some day and take from us that messy, sinful, clutter room forever. He will move us in to a new house He has prepared for us in Heaven. No longer will we have to work hard to keep it clean, for sin will no longer exist. We will not have to run and hide any more. All our inner rooms will be made view worthy to everyone. God will be pleased because our house will then shine similar to His. Praise God!

Even though we get the Enemy's dirt back inside our house on occasion, don't stop working on getting it clean again. God will help you rid yourself of the dirt if you truly want His help. Don't allow the dirt to immobilize you in your service to Him and others. Allow Him to wash you clean and keep moving forward. Grow from your mistakes.

Sheila Wells Hughes, November 17, 2017 #866