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Masters of Disguise

Lies don’t come in different sizes

Some aren’t big, some aren’t small,

God just sees them all as being evil,

They’re responsible for mankind’s Fall.

Once we lie we will feel great shame

Our heart then bleeds, we hurt inside,

Choosing to lie, Satan sneaks right in

Feeling smug, he proceeds to reside.

We will often deny that we have lied

From the truth we try to run away,

Our true self we hide, except from God,

Who knows the evil games we play.

God is love and His Spirit will reveal

Through our guilt, our selfish pride,

Pride always harms, makes others sad,

And even the Spirit of God has cried.

We all have lied and have chosen evil

God’s forgiveness we urgently need,

On God’s altar lay down all your sins

For from your pain you can be freed.

We sometimes lie to others, and we lie to ourselves. It’s an evil in every day life. We often hide our motives with lies. Some people are true masters of disguise. They deny that they have lied and attack others for thinking such a bad thing about them. The other person is always wrong, not them. They are not apt to disclose their true colors, either to others or to themselves. All Christians know that Satan is the Father of Lies. He likes to tempt mankind and falsely appear to us as “the light bearer”. God is for us and Satan is against us. Satan is puffed up with pride and is always rebelling against God. He wants us to follow his lead into darkness. Satan is powerful, for he used to be God’s second-in-command, chief of all His angels, and he was also known as being the beautiful and beloved Lucifer. He wanted to be God though, so he tricked Adam and Eve by lying to them, which caused the Fall of mankind. Satan wants all of us to stay in a separated from God condition forever like him. But Jesus came to change all of that. God is love and light and Jesus brought to mankind a way out of our sins through repentance and belief in Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus is our salvation and way to eternal life once again. Jesus suffered death at the hands of human evil. Evil is loose in our midst and we have to fight against its hold upon us.

Satan cannot do evil except through a human body. He uses human beings to do his evil. Satan’s threats are always empty. They are all lies. When man believes Satan’s lies we can cause ourselves and others harm. Pride can destroy us when we use our power for selfish means. Satan’s principal weapon is fear. He uses fear to keep us in bondage. We often hide from God’s truth because we fear being found out and made a mockery of ourselves before others. Satan loves it, because he cares not for us, only himself.

Every human act of evil is ultimately the result of an individual choice. We do have a conscience though. When we lie we should feel guilt. Guilt is a good thing meant to bring us to our knees in repentance. Selfish pride will always cause us to choose unwisely and sin. Instead of being responsible, we love to blame our failures on others.

I encourage you to do self-examination on yourself daily and to be truthful about it. If you are wrong, admit it to God and ask His forgiveness. If you’ve wronged others, ask their forgiveness. Don’t choose to continue following the way of the Father of Lies. Don’t pretend you are well when you are spiritually sick. Allow God to heal you.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 26, 2018, # 889