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Fall of Jericho

When all looks bleak before us

God shows up ready to fight,

He’s almighty, He wins his battles

He tells evil to go take a hike.

God is our fortified protection

There is nothing we have to fear,

In Him, we’ll always claim victory

At the helm, our life He’ll steer.

When our eyes are fixed upon Jesus

Miracles we’ll be able to see,

Walls of discouragement fall down

And His frown makes the enemy flee.

In the midst of every trial be strong

And always exalt His holy Name,

He has promised a forever home –

Left us proof from Jericho’s fame.

I marvel at His love and His grace

To forgive when we’ve gone wrong,

We will lift our voices in praise

As we sing the Battle of Jericho song.

I love the story of the Fall of Jericho. (Joshua 5:13-6:27) Jericho was a fortified city with walls and gates for protection, but nothing can keep God out. God had promised Canaan to the Israelites but they had to get past Jericho to get to this Promised Land. Nearing the city of Jericho, Joshua saw a man standing with a drawn sword. This “man” in verse 13 was the Commander of the Lord’s army, perhaps the Lord Jesus in one of His pre

incarnate appearances. In Joshua 5:14-15 it gives proof that Joshua was in the presence of God and he knew it, for he bowed in reverence. His sandals were removed for the place he stood was holy. Angels never accept worship, but God does, and He was with the Israelites and these walls would fall by God’s power and allow the Israelites to gain entrance into the Promised Land. God would fight battles with them until they arrived home.

Joshua was instructed by the Commander of the Lord to have armed guards to lead a march around the city of Jericho; then behind them seven priests would blow trumpets; then following them, seven priests would carry the Ark of the Covenant (God’s promise); and behind them more armed guards would bring up the rear. The people were told to march quietly for six days, marching once around the city with only the sound of the trumpets blowing. Then on the seventh day, they would march seven times around the city, and on Joshua’s command, the trumpets would give a long blast, and the people would give a loud battle shout, and that was when the walls of Jericho fell down by God’s power. The city was burned and destroyed with the exception of Rahab and her family because she had hidden the Israelite spies. No one was to take anything, the silver, gold, bronze and iron articles were put into the Lord’s treasury. Joshua put a curse on the burned city that day saying anyone who sought to rebuild Jericho as a fortress, that man’s firstborn son would die when its foundations were laid and its gates were erected. The city was accursed and doomed by the Lord to destruction as the first fruits of Canaan. Don’t judge God harshly because the people of the city were perversely immoral. God did show grace on Rahab and family though, the same as Jesus has come to show grace on all sinners. God is against evil. He is holy.

God is for us, not against us. We are His children and He will show up unexpectedly for us when we need Him. He carries his promise with him that He will never leave us. Whatever we may have to suffer at the hands of evil, God will come and take us to our heavenly home once we die. He never breaks his promises. He has prepared for us a future eternal home, so believe it will happen! He has conquered evil on the cross already, so we have nothing to fear. His gift of love and grace has given us a hope to hang onto when we have to fight life’s battles. Remember how He fought at Jericho, and allow Him to fight your battles with you. With God by your side, you’ll win!

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 1, 2018, # 890