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Loyal Partner of God

God, keep me as a loyal partner

Even on days when I’m feeling low,

I’m in need of some Heavenly help

When I go forth Your Word to sow.

I know you can see much more

Than I can ever hope to see,

I’m filled with many human flaws

Yet, you still have use for me.

Put me to work, I’m volunteering

My time, and the use of my gifts,

Encourage me to take some risks,

The kind that return divine lifts.

What value can you see in me?

It must be hidden from my sight,

I’m amazed that you would choose me

My heart stays grateful day and night.

I’ll try really hard to make you proud

By bringing help to someone in need,

My aim will always be to glorify you

Every time I try to do a good deed.

Did you know that God is busy in Heaven right now looking to find loyal volunteers on earth who will partner with Him in accomplishing what He wants to do? Listen to what this scripture is saying: “The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9) God is busy looking for a person whose heart is deeply connected to His heart. He wants to use us to touch others, so He can reveal His supernatural power to bless us. God wants us to be a living link between Heaven and earth, so He can appear visible in unforgettable ways. How great is that! God works his amazing miracles in a personal manner. He wants to show Himself strong for you and through you since every person you meet has a significant need that only God can meet.

Scripture tells us that God can get His work done on earth three different ways: In person, by an angel, or through a human being. God can blow our minds in more ways than one when He wants to get our attention. He loves to get us all involved in changing our lives for the better. It’s amazing to me that the all-powerful God would choose to work through ordinary people to accomplish what He wants done. He’s intent on finding volunteers who will earnestly listen closely to what He is saying. He wants partners who will respond to His nudges. He sends nudges to all of us. Sometimes we respond, other times we don’t. God responds to people sincere about doing more for Him. We can better recognize his signs if we truly want to glorify God and help others. God gifts all of us with certain potentials, and what we do with those potentials is our gift back to God.

There are a lot of needs in our communities and around the world that go unmet. God wants each of us to have nothing less than a miracle-filled life. This kind of existence is not for a special few, but for everyone. God has an assignment designed especially for you that’s sure to make a difference in someone’s life. You just need to believe it, and then go for it. That someone in need is waiting for you to respond to God and to them.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 13, 2018, # 891