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Trapped In Misery

Numerous people feel trapped today

In a miserable life that’s gone stale,

Their excitement, wonder and passion

Regrettably said good-by and set sail.

Opportunities lost, dreams forgotten,

Hope of something better is laid to rest,

They move in a lackadaisical manner

And no longer strive to do their best.

Their belief of a better tomorrow

Looks unattainable, so why even try,

Some want to escape prolonged misery

They choose drugs, so they can get high.

At times we all may need some help

From a friend when in a hard place,

A hand that we can grab hold of

That will extend to us some grace.

We can take part in changing minds

And get feet back on the right track;

Wake someone up to the promise of life,

Help get the devil off someone’s back.

When our lives are going well we seldom stop to think that there are those who are trapped in a debilitating, hopeless life. Some may hope to stay clean and sober for another day while others may hope for the day when their boyfriend or husband will stop beating them. There are so many in our world who daily experience great pain and suffering of some sort. They don’t have anyone to help them escape their lot in life. If they had any dreams at one point in time, those have died. They often cry tears of pain and regret from opportunities lost. They have no purpose in life that brings them joy. Many are burdened by years of hard work with little return, other than barely surviving. Their eyes no longer dance with excitement, wonder or passion for anything. Their hope is lost, and they become depressed because they can see no way out of their misery.

When it comes to prayers for any type of miracle, God in Heaven often depends on people for answers. This verse in the Bible describes God’s transfer process: “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord. And He (God) will pay back what he has given.” (Proverbs 19:17) We can be poor in spirit, or in financial funds. The moment a person gives in response to a God nudge, a second, invisible transfer takes place in Heaven. A loan to God for His work will be reimbursed from Heaven to the individual many times over. Jesus said once that even a cup of water will be credited to the giver. (Mark 9:41) Of course, our attitude must be one of giving without expecting anything in return. We should give out of a loving heart. We all need help from someone else at times. We all need a hand that will reach out to us while going through a hard place. Without hope we would give up and die.

We all can take part in changing a person’s life. With God’s help you can help work a God miracle and help remove the hold Satan has on someone’s life. Won’t you offer a cup of divine water to a dying soul this day in some way? God has promised to repay you from Heaven for your generous loan.

Sheila Wells Hughes, July 4, 2018, # 893