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Unmet needs are seen by believing people

As opportunities for God to show up,

They think positively partnering with God,

Half-full they prefer to see the cup.

“Delivery agents” is how they see themselves

As they await divine encounters to impart,

One of the prerequisites required for the job –

They must have a sincere loving heart.

Just like the Army, God’s looking to find,

Willing servants who are ready to fight,

Individuals who persevere good and bad days

On whom He can bestow spiritual sight.

They request to be sent out with God’s power

For they know without Him they will fail,

Trusting God’s direction, they will be brave

Times they find themselves on a risky trail.

You were born to exit your house each day

Believing God will use you in some way,

He can use you to deliver His miracle gift,

Lift hearts high, that were full of dismay.

Most people never think that they can be used by God as a “delivery agent”. Who of us ever thinks we can be of help delivering one of God’s miracles by helping to meet a special need. We rarely see ourselves as being on a special mission for God. Yet, that’s exactly the way God sees his children. He’s an all-inclusive God, who is busy at work, and He wants us to partner with Him in accomplishing what needs to be done. We often think we just are not capable of doing his work, for we make comparisons and view ourselves as being less-trained as someone else who can be used more effectively. Actually, God can use us while we are being trained. He has the perfect job that suits your qualifications. He may use you to give someone else a hug and kind word on a day when they are feeling low. It may seem like a little thing you have done, but to the needy person, it is big indeed! The only prerequisite God’s children need in order to do his work is a willing, sincere heart full of love for God and others.

God will help move you up the ladder of responsibility as far as you seek to go. You have to be willing to work for it though. Lessons come to us in many forms from God. He wants to show you how much He cares for you, and He wants to use you to show His love to others. We can be “delivery agents” of God when we truly ask to be used daily. God is looking for humble individuals who want to make a difference for God’s sake. Their motives must be pure or else God will pass them by until another time when they are less self-seeking. God wants you to serve while you are experiencing new understandings. He trains you through the experience. He wants you to grow, mature so you can better fight evil and persevere greater in this sinful environment in which you live. He desires to bestow upon you more spiritual insight.

True God-Servants realize they need God’s power working through them in order to be successful in what they undertake to do. Surrendering their all to God, they trust Him to direct them even when they find themselves on risky endeavors.

Wake up each day praying that God will use you to help meet a need in someone’s life. When you are sincere, God will show you supernatural signs that warm your heart and fill you with greater love for Him.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 25, 2018, # 892