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Wearing Labels

We all place labels on people

Put choice identity tags on them,

We size them up for what they do

Call them a foe, or else a gem.

How you see me, how I see you

Will differ, since we’re not the same,

God allows us time to grow wiser

His plan is to give us a new name.

God’s patience is so much greater

Than our own, He has more grace,

We condemn and show our anger

Wear evil emotions on our face.

We all could stand improvement

In those areas where we are weak,

Daily we need to suppress selfish acts

And seek instead to become meek.

We all see things differently and label others in our own judgmental way. We may label some people as people pleasers, or some as insecure and self-doubting. Some we see as hotheads, so we tip toe around them. Some may have failed us in the past, so we label them as irresponsible. We even label some as party poopers or else a party girl or guy if they live on the wild side. Some are seen as generous, while others are stingy. The

re are fun-loving people and grouchy people. One thing is for sure, we all could stand improvement in some area. None of us are perfect. It’s reassuring to know that God doesn’t see us for who we are now, but for who we can become in the future. He can change who we are if we will allow Him. His power is rooted in his love for us. He can change our past and move us forward uncovering our true self in his image, redeemed through Christ. He knows we cannot be perfect here on earth, but we can become a wiser person with His help. He knows our heart deep down inside and understands our weaknesses. There is no habit too big for his healing. We can see the truth about ourselves and refuse to be seen through other people’s perceptions of us.

It’s great to know that when we belong to Christ we become a new person. The old life is gone, and a new life has begun. (2 Corinthians 5:17). No matter what others have said about you or what you believe about yourself, even if the labels are true, God can give you a new view of yourself. He will give you a new name to replace your old identity. He will rid you of old and hurtful labels. God changed the names of Abram, Sarah, Jacob, and empowered many others in the Bible to become new individuals. He can change your identity as well. Don’t believe and accept the label placed on you by others, but seek to believe God has a new name waiting to be placed upon you forever, one you can be proud of. (Revelation 2:17). We have greatness inside of us just waiting to come out and be revealed. Try to please God more than others. And be sure to remember, God patiently gives you time to grow into his new name for you while other people impatiently expect overnight change.

Sheila Wells Hughes, July 11, 2018, # 894