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A Forever King Born in Bethlehem

Instead of being born in a restrictive palace

He came down from heaven with love, not malice,

His birth took place in a very small town

Unbelievers looked upon his birth with a frown.

Their long awaited Messiah, no way could he be,

He bore no earthly crown that people could see,

How could He make such an outlandish claim

That He and the Father were One and the same.

Jesus’ origin would be from an ancient time

His purpose would be to rid mankind of grime,

He would come and be to us a forever king

An available connection to his people he’d bring.

His character was unlike other kings of his day

They cared not for what the simple had to say,

Jesus listened with patience, knew we were alive,

And He provided the only way for us to survive.

He wears not pride, He’s honorable and meek

And though often appearing, He’s never weak,

He owns everything on every universal hill

He owned them back then, and He owns them still.

Even though Mary and Joseph were living in Nazareth when the angel Gabriel announced the coming birth of Jesus, it was not the place the promised birth would take place. The Lord made a promise through the prophet Micah that a ruler over Israel would come from the small town of Bethlehem. His origins would be from of old, from ancient times. (Micah 5:2) God also made a promise to King David, that the royal Rescuer from the line of King David would be fulfilled in his hometown, Bethlehem. One of David’s descendants would rise to sit on Israel’s throne and rule an eternal kingdom. (2 Samuel 7:12-16) This royal birth would be different than all the other kingly births. The Messiah would not be born in stately cleaned rooms of a palace, but rather in a lowly manger (an animal feeding trough). (Luke 2:7)

There was a Roman census initiated by Caesar Augustus that required everyone who owned property to register it in person for taxation purposes. Joseph was originally from Bethlehem so that set him and Mary on the road back to Bethlehem from Nazareth. Instead of Jesus being born in David’s Jerusalem under the shadow of the Temple, he would be born under the shadow of Micah’s prophecy. He would have a royal birth in an ordinary place. It would send a different message about the character of this king, so no one could think of him as privileged royalty, unconnected to his subjects and distant from his people. This way Jesus could mingle with everyone and teach people about the Kingdom of God. God always fulfills his promises.

Homes back in Jesus’ day were different from the ones of which we are familiar. The main living area of the style of house where Jesus was born was built over a cave (basement) that held livestock. They could check on their livestock without going to a barn like us. Israelites were closely connected to other people as well as their own property. Back then, even some of the feeding troughs (mangers) were made out of mud.

Jesus’ birth was definitely different than most kingly births, yet this Messiah/King would rule forever, unlike all other kingly births. He would rule a righteous kingdom. He would not fight for more land or power as King David had done because He was the Great Almighty, more powerful than anyone or anything, and everything belonged to him already. Instead, Jesus would rule our hearts through His Holy Spirit.

God sent his son to a hurting and lost world so we could be reconnected to the Father. Jesus would mingle with everyone and show love and compassion to the sick by healing them. We are the privileged ones, to be able to know Him personally and up close. That doesn’t happen with earthly royalty. They are kept at a distance from most other people for their safety. Jesus was only careful when it came to his being killed before his purpose had been completely fulfilled.

Get close to your forever King today. Love him with all your heart, mind and soul, and show him off to all others.

Sheila Wells Hughes, July 17, 2017, # 849