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Reveal Your Will Lord

Your will is very important to me

In the big matters and the small,

Hide not your will from me long

Help prevent me from taking a fall.

You allow me to make a choice

Yet it’s hard when I cannot see,

Surely this is for my benefit

In discovering Your purpose for me.

Help me align my life and actions

Toward the purpose that best fits me,

I’ll go down easy and hard paths

Tho’ human suffering I’d prefer to flee.

I believe you will give me a sign

But the timing will not be my choice,

Regardless, my love and trust won’t waver

As I intensely listen for your voice.

As a Christian, sometimes I feel as if I’m walking in the dark. I love God and want to do his will, but often I just cannot see clearly what God’s will is for me. I have learned many lessons by falling into sin. Those lessons were painful, so I’d prefer not to go that route again, if at all possible. I truly want to know God’s will in the big matters and the small matters of life. I understand that God allows me to make a choice, yet it’s very difficult to do when my vision is impaired.

God has a purpose for all of us, but it doesn’t come to us on a silver platter. We have to work hard on a daily basis seeking His will for our lives. Most of us wish God would just speak audibly to us so we wouldn’t mess up so much. It seems we learn more, and the lessons stick longer, when we have to suffer before we discover many truths. Wisdom comes not to the quitter. If we don’t at first succeed, try, try, again. Persistence will eventually pay off.

God listens to sensitive, sincere hearts in prayer. He loves it when we communicate with Him. He listens to everything we say. He gives each of us his full attention. We in turn need to listen just as closely to what His Spirit is saying to us. If we aren’t able to discern His will right away, keep praying, believing He will answer in His own way and time. Still we often wish we had more patience to wait on God’s will to show up. Don’t get frustrated and give up when the going gets tough. Pray that much harder for strength to overcome every hardship you must endure. Believe and trust some good will come from our suffering. Never waver in your love and trust in God. At some point, perhaps through some sign, God will reveal his will for you. Amazingly, you’ll just know when it comes.

Sheila Wells Hughes, December 31, 2018, # 913