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God Detests Lies

God’s character stays sinless

He does that which is right,

He never approves of lying

Even the ones we call “white”.

He doesn’t reason like man

And He wants us to know,

Should we continue to sin

We just may lose our soul.

He is love and full of grace

For our sake He lets it show,

He holds each person accountable

It’s his goal we will grow.

We’ll never understand Him fully

For He is God and we are not,

By comparison to all His wisdom

We most likely rate as a tot.

As we all know, God’s character never changes. He is a holy and righteous God. God never approves of lying. Then why did God allow Rahab to lie to the men who came to her house seeking to kill the Hebrew spies? (Joshua 2:4-6) Was Rahab’s treason and lying justifiable to God in this instance as perhaps a “white lie”, told as a greater good of saving the Hebrew spies? Since God does not condone murdering, did God overlook her white lie? Romans 3:8 warns us (not) to say, “Let us do evil that good may result.” God does not validate deceit under certain conditions. Truth is precious in God’s sight. Lies are never free from divine disapproval. God is not reduced to unholy acts to fulfill his will. But in all sinners cases, God’s (grace) can operate in spite of the sinful maneuverings of men and women. To say God approved of the lie in this instance would say that God approved of the lying David did in the adultery he committed with Bathsheba so the next heir in the Messianic line, Solomon, could fulfill his will. (2 Samuel 11-12) We are told that David’s sin was opposed strongly by God. However, we aren’t told this in scripture concerning Rahab’s sin of lying and treason.

We don’t understand everything because we are not God. Perhaps in Rahab’s case, God knew she was wanting to be in his family is why she committed treason. She was new to the faith, not knowing all of God’s commands. She probably thought her lying was the only way to go in order to protect the spies. She was trying to save her own family as well. David on the other hand, was a king with great responsibility. He knew he was doing wrong, for he knew God’s commands well, but he selfishly did wrong anyway. God holds us responsible for our sins. The more advanced we are in the faith, the more accountable he holds us. David paid dearly for his sins. We all are imperfect and in need of forgiveness, but God is sinless. Even though Rahab meant well, God did not excuse her lying.

God sees what others do not see. He knows when we are lying. He approves of truth, not lies. He always provides us another way out rather than lying. Be careful, don’t lie, for God will hold you accountable. Ask for forgiveness from a sincere heart and don’t continue sinning shamelessly. God may not be so graceful if we continuously ignore his warnings.

Sheila Wells Hughes, January 5, 2019, # 914