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God Desires Intimacy

God loves all his Creation

As if we were but one,

He never limits his time,

His battle with evil is won.

God gives us his full attention

And knows us intimately well,

Without feeling any sense of drain

He reads all our inside mail.

His limitless craving for love

Extends to his flawed creatures,

In a world of six billion people

He knows all individual features.

It’s very mind-boggling to us

That He can actually do this feat,

He’s close, yet He’s distanced,

While He rules from his Heavenly seat.

Way up high, over our heads,

He stoops down low for hugs,

It’s both mystifying and satisfying

When on our heart-strings He tugs.

The more I learn about God, and understand how mighty and Sovereign he is, I’m blown away to think he wants to be intimately in love with me. I’m just a wee speck among billions of other specks, yet he makes me feel as if I’m the apple of his eye. That’s the kind of God that He is. He not only makes me feel that way, but all those many other specks who are seeking after him in a close way too. I’ll never be able to completely grasp how his three-person being works. It’s way over my head in understanding. I just know from my own personal experience with God that it does work.

The Trinity is something the Old Testament Israelites were not familiar with knowing. When God the Father first made himself known to his chosen people, he did so by speaking aloud to them and showing up through miraculous events in order to make himself known. God also made rare appearances to certain individuals whom God chose to be his witnesses to the rest of the world about who He is. God allowed his people to see (evidence) of his being real, and his people joined him in making a “love-covenant” with him, a contract that allowed the people the right to approach a otherwise remote and unapproachable Deity. Now they had a God they could count on. God saved the Israelites out of slavery and (visibly) showed his presence to them through the cloud and pillar of fire while guiding them out of Egypt.

In the New Testament, we are introduced to Jesus, God’s Son, who is sent from heaven on high, down to earth so we could see up close what God the Father was really like. Jesus is the exact image of God. When Jesus sacrificed his life for us on the cross, for our sins, we are then introduced to the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of us. We are baptized at conversion with water (signifying repentance and cleansing of sins) and the Holy Spirit. When Jesus left earth and went back to heaven to sit on the throne next to the Father, he did not leave us as orphans to exist on our own. Somehow, He still is with us and living on the inside of us. It’s too deep for us to grasp how God does this, but He has given us (evidence) that He has done it.

It’s both humbling and gratifying to know that the great almighty sovereign God desires intimacy with me. I encourage you to make a personal-binding, love-covenant with God if you haven’t already. That contract must be kept on your part before God will reveal himself to you more deeply. God never breaks his love-contract with us. We can always count on him through life and through death to be there for us. Upon death, He will (appear) visibly to us in person, we will then be able to see him face-to-face. I’m so glad to be loved that much. And it’s also good to know that God will keep on being intimate with me in Heaven.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 27, 2012, # 661