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A Heart Like God’s

How I long for a heart like God’s

For more loving and caring I’d be,

And I wouldn’t see material worth

As being that which defines me.

Selfishness I definitely wouldn’t show

For other people would come first,

Righteousness would always shine

And the dark evil would be cursed.

I’d strive not to judge others as bad

Believing greater potential does exist,

Working hard to better myself daily

It’s the goal in which I’d persist.

I’d connect with every different race

Wearing a welcoming smile on my face,

I would be a forever type of friend

And I’d extend forgiveness and grace.

I’ll share the best of my emotions

Not fearing that I will appear weak,

I’ll show greater compassion if needed

By thinking first before I begin to speak.

Being true and humble would inspire

Other characters to follow the godly way,

Then love would defeat all of the hate

And allow God’s heavenly peace to stay.

I think all sincere Christians would long for a heart like God’s. The world we live in seems to be getting colder and filled with more anger and hate than with love. February is a month in which we celebrate love. It’s a time we can reach out to our spouse, children, family, and friends and express how much they mean to us. Treating everyone with respect goes a long way in staying life-long friends. People need to feel they are loved. God is love, and we are made in His image. Knowing we’re loved we get a warm feeling inside that warms our heart through and through. We smile inside and out, and our reaction to getting love causes us to pass that same kind of love on to others.

God has a perfect heart. We can only strive to attain a heart like His. It’s difficult at times for we live in an imperfect world, with imperfect people. Yet, we can become better and grow wiser in time if we truly want to be. Perhaps this “love” month of February you will cause many to smile and you’ll be able to connect on a deeper level. Treat all others the same, including all different races. God created us all equally, and He expects us to unite, not divide. Let us all work to defeat hate and love more. May each of us strive for God’s heavenly peace to exist on earth instead of war.

Sheila Wells Hughes, January 21, 2019, # 916