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Touch the Unclean

Come close to me, touch me,

Help heal my body and soul,

See me as a person of worth

Get me out of this dark hole.

Don’t isolate me like a disease

Or uncaringly let my love die,

Insincerity will not be welcomed,

Don’t pretentiously tell me a lie.

Have pity on my unclean acts

Feel my pain, cry tears with me,

Open my rusty forgotten heart

Use your miraculous fitting key.

Say words that I need to hear

Make them sound genuinely true,

Be bold and unafraid to risk

Join the ranks of a willing few.

I’m unattractive as a guilty sinner

But don’t toss me out like trash,

If I’ve offended you with my actions

Don’t react in a way that’s rash.

All of us are guilty of being sinners from time to time. We have all done things of which we’re not proud. We have felt great shame in our heart and just wanted to hide our face from those who knew about our sin. Hiding will not make our problem go away, neither will running from it. We need to humbly fall on our knees before God and ask his forgiveness. If we’ve offende

d someone else with our actions, we need to go to them and ask their forgiveness as well. Some people have been known to avoid being around sinners and they treat them like dirt. They self-righteously talk about them behind their back and belittle their character before others. They cannot see that in their own pride they are sinning just as much and are in need of forgiveness.

Sinners can feel like outcasts. They already feel worthless in their own minds for the sin they did, they sure don’t need others to trash them as well. They are in need of a sincere, loving, compassionate person who will come near and not be afraid to touch them and to help them crawl back out of their dark hole. They need to hear words that sound genuinely true and someone who will listen to them. Many among us are not willing to risk their own reputations by associating with the sinner. They are afraid of what others might think or say about them. They just don’t have it in their hearts to care enough. The sinner knows if someone is insincere in their caring and they don’t welcome a pretentious kind of help.

If a sinner is truly repentant then they are ready to change. If not, then what we say may not do any good until they are repentant. Showing real love to them though will never go to waste. We should be careful never to approach the sinner with a condemning or holier than thou attitude. Adding to their pain will only cause them to run faster away from us.

Jesus did the unthinkable when it came to sinners. Not only did he love them, and want to change them, but He even died for them. Jesus touched the unclean, both physically and spiritually, something that was against the law in his day, and he never kept his distance from the sinner. He risked being ridiculed by the too religious, self-righteous people of his day that refused to go near and touch the sinner out of real love. They didn’t want to dirty their hands. Jesus didn’t stay in the temple all the time, but went out on the streets and walked among the people and talked to them one-on-one. He came to serve us, not to be served.

Be a loving and compassionate Christian toward the sinner. Think back and remember how you felt when you sinned, and how you need more love and less condemnation. Reach out today to someone in great need of your loving touch. Let them know that you truly do care.

Sheila Wells Hughes, November 3, 2012, # 683