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Believe Jesus Resurrects

Jesus resurrects us from the dead

Yet, some don’t think that He can,

With a loving and understanding mind

He revealed truth to created man.

Some scoffed and refused to believe

That He could really be God’s son,

More than likely He performed a trick,

Over death he couldn’t possibly have won.

The widow’s son, Jairus’ daughter, and Lazarus

Were risen from the dead for us to see,

When they believed He came with great power

And spoke the word that set them free.

These miracles were done for our benefit

To help us believe so we will live,

Jesus died, was resurrected for mankind’s sin,

This redemptive gift only He can give.

He’s Judge of the living and the dead

We’re accountable to Him for what we do,

Though He offers salvation to all of us

Choice acceptance will be made by a few. Jesus miraculously raised the widow’s son from death and then He went on to raise Jairus’ daughter as well. (Luke 7:12-17 and Luke 8:41-56) Some may have been skeptical of these two resurrections done by Jesus. Since they were done a short time after their deaths some may have thought that neither the widow’s son nor Jairus’s daughter were actually dead. Perhaps they were both only in some kind of comatose state and they merely woke up on their own. Those who pronounced them dead must have been mistaken. This Jesus person just took advantage of their situation to claim He had the power of God to raise them from the dead. Jesus knows everything we say, do, and think, so when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead He made sure Lazarus was good and dead. (John 11) He waited four days this time before coming to him just so people would know that Lazarus was for sure dead, after all, he had even started stinking by then from decay. Jesus told Martha, Lazarus’ sister, that “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.” (John 11:25) John goes on to say in verses 40-41 that if we believe we will see the glory of God and it states that His act of resurrection was done for the (benefit of the people), so they would believe, and so God’s son would be glorified through it. Nothing is too hard for God. Christ came to us from Heaven to earth, was incarnated, died, was resurrected from the grave and He descended to the lower parts of the earth – Gehenna, hades/hell – which evidently had two separated compartments. One was a holding place for the godly people who had died and one was for the evil people who had died before Jesus’ time. He went down there possibly for three reasons: (1) To preach to and judge the living and the dead. The spirits of Noah’s wicked contemporaries perhaps He went to proclaim the gospel by saying He was Savior of the world and to declare his victory and their doom. (2) Perhaps He went to set the godly ones free and lead them to Paradise. (3) Perhaps to report that He is the Judge of the living and the dead and all will be accountable to Him. Perhaps to report that He died for mankind and overcame death. One thing is for certain, we can choose what we believe. Jesus has come to us and made a way for us to live forever if we believe He is who He claims to be, the son of God. Only through Him can we have life eternal in Heaven. He has graciously offered this great redemptive gift to all of His creation, but only a few will choose to take advantage of this precious gift. I pray you will believe in Jesus, accept Him as Lord, and live according to His Word. Jesus didn’t perform tricks, all He did was for real and full of truth.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 2, 2013, # 706