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Seeking Perfection on Earth

I’m not perfect, but I still seek it

In a mate, a job, and other things,

I’ve sought the holy and the sinful

From both, I hear door bell rings.

All God’s Creation has been cursed

Because of disobedience and sin,

Restoration is what we all do need

Before we can ever gain the win.

We must choose who we will serve

Either Satan or God’s holy Son,

Our Savior’s promises are good

Beware false promises under the sun.

The human heart cannot be trusted

Selfishness often gets in the way,

We’re never satisfied very long

We always desire more each day.

Christ alone can save and restore

He brings blessing, removes the curse,

But if we refuse and follow Satan

Our eternity will get painfully worse.

Even though mankind is imperfect, we still have a tendency to seek out that which is perfect. I suppose that comes from being made in God’s image before the Fall. We hunger to find the perfect partner in marriage, the perfect job, the perfect friend, and the perfect everything. Problem is, our looking is in vain, for there is nothing or no one who is perfect except Jesus who lived on earth. The more wisdom we obtain, if we’re not careful it can be good or bad, depending on how we view ourselves and others. We can delude ourselves into believing we are better than someone else. We all have our flaws, a closer look reveals that. It’s good to gain divine wisdom based on God’s Word. But the human heart cannot always be trusted. Because of our fallen nature we desire sinful things as well as holy things. Our lives here on earth are filled with a lifetime struggle from evil knocking on our heart’s door wanting to come in so we will sin against God and others. The false promises of sin are seen through the eyes, felt through the emotions, and desired until we get it. Then, we don’t want it any more, for sin brings us shame and guilt that we cannot get rid of on our own.

God is holy, and he desires that we will seek after righteousness instead of sin. He wants to restore us to perfection some day when he returns to earth. No longer will we have to deal with temptation and sin. We will be once more like the image of God for real! God will restore us to perfection in body, mind, and soul. God will also restore all his Creation that has also been under a curse. Man, animals, and all His Creation have been groaning and eagerly awaits to be restored to perfection. As fallen people we get sick and die, even the animals get sick and die. Our land is filled with weeds, thorns, and thistles. The stellar system has also been affected. But when Christ returns,

he will set up a new and restored (perfect) kingdom on earth, like the one where Adam and Eve lived before sin. Pain won’t exist anymore for Christ’s followers. Only Satan and his evil followers who disobey God will not be restored to perfection. They will suffer agonizing pain forever in hell.

Keep striving for more of God and ask His Spirit to guide your heart and mind through love and respect for Him over your selfish wants. Practice self-examination daily to better avoid sin. You will grow in God’s wisdom if you desire, but don’t expect to find perfection until Christ returns.

Sheila Wells Hughes, April 2, 2019, # 923