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Searching for More Truth

I’m only a wee, sinful person

Who needs to understand more,

God’s Spirit tries to help me

Yet I lack in my overall score.

I wonder what is real or not

And I pray He’ll open my mind,

I have to trust at the right time

God’s truth I’ll be able to find.

Deep truths are hard to digest

The supernatural is unfamiliar to me,

God spoon feeds me from child to adult

So I’ll become who I’m supposed to be.

It seems I cannot find all truth

There’s a barrier standing in my way,

Until my God comes to take me home

The complete truth will remain grey.

I often wonder if many of us Christians cannot separate spiritual imagery from literal meaning. Spiritual imagery is used throughout the Bible and especially in the book of Revelation. It’s difficult sometimes to understand completely. It is also hard to understand everything in regards to “Heaven.” I do know that some may think we will all wear crowns in Heaven. I cannot say for certain, since I haven’t been there, but crowns are often mentioned to mean that we who a

re united with God in eternity will share His splendor, power, and joy. Another word often misunderstood is the word gold. Will we really walk on transparent gold streets in Heaven or is it suggesting the timelessness of Heaven (since gold does not rust) as well as the preciousness of it. Perhaps the transparency gold might represent that we will no longer have anything to hide. Will we be playing harps in Heaven, or is that an angel thing to do? Could it be a spiritual imagery for how music has a calming and arousing effect upon our feelings? It does suggest ecstasy and infinity, we cannot deny that. I hope there is music and singing in Heaven and it will move our God spiritually. We worship with music in our churches on earth, why not in Heaven. Heaven will be a beautiful place far beyond our comprehension while on earth. Since I cannot prove anything, I am throwing out to you possibilities.

I’ve mentioned in the past about me having a vision which contained the word gold. It was a vision of Christ against the night sky in a bold (rather wide outline) of Christ in what appeared to be of liquid gold, (since the gold was brilliant and pure and it seemed to flow somewhat, rather than stay motionless. I knew it was Christ since the outline was of him wearing a long flowing robe and He had a golden crown on his head. I could only see the vision by looking through binoculars. I was trying to see a star which seemed brighter to me that night. Christ is our bright and morning star. As far out as that sounds to someone else and unbelievable, I know for a fact that I saw it. I believe the gold in this vision meant more than one thing. The pure gold stood for Christ’s sinless life. It also stood for His timelessness and preciousness for those who have accepted Him as their Lord, Savior, and King. He will rule his own when He returns righteously forever.

It’s hard to comprehend the supernatural and all that God chooses to show us. It’s even harder to explain what we have seen to others. We cannot describe fully what we have seen in words. We only do the best we can. I love God’s Word and never get tired of trying to understand it more clearly. This is a deep subject matter which I’ve merely touched on briefly. I look forward to seeing with my spiritual eyes what Heaven actually looks like some day. Until then, I trust God to show me bits and pieces of it in a way I can understand.

Sheila Wells Hughes, April 15, 2019, # 925