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The Uncontrollable

I lack control in many areas

I see not what tomorrow brings;

One day I’m unhappy and cry,

The next, full of joy my heart sings.

I cannot control all future things

But in some cases I can choose,

I’ll either be kind and helpful

Or by some means I can abuse.

My future health, my future job,

Of neither, I have complete control,

A business may thrive, or it may dive

Like my health, in a bankruptcy hole.

I cannot control all worldly things

For sin is everywhere that I go,

My aim is to mature and reject it

This will be my lifetime goal.

People problems, storms, and uncertainty

Will plague us in this earthly life,

Perfection won’t come to us down here

But in God we have hope amidst the strife

There are many things in life that we just cannot control. We cannot control our total future. Some people worry about what tomorrow will bring. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow because “tomorrow will be anxious for itself” (Matthew 6:34) If we keep a fear focus on what we cannot control, then fear will choke our ability to make good choices today.

Our future health we cannot control. Who knows what we might find out about our health tomorrow. You might get cancer, have Alzheimers, or some other disease. We might have a bad car wreck that will cripple us for life or die from it. Our spouse might turn on us, or our kids might get into trouble with the law. We cannot control what others choose to do. We can try our best to raise our children right, but who knows what they will do outside the home when influenced by the wrong crowd.

We cannot control our job. We could lose our job and our financial future could be in jeopardy. We can save more money and prepare for our future, but no one knows or controls what may happen up ahead.

We cannot control the moral atmosphere we live in. We live in a dark time; temptation is everywhere. Sin is around every corner and getting even worse. We cannot change it, but we can choose to trust God for strength to reject sinful ways.

We cannot control our church, which isn’t perfect, but neither are we. God can help us to see where we need to change. I cannot control you, you cannot control me, and we will always face uncertainty in life. There will always be people problems, a home burden or crisis of some kind. Perfection will not come this side of eternity.

We cannot control the weather, storms and damage can happen constantly. Anger and self-control are one of the hardest that we have trouble controlling. But we can get better at it with God’s help. He will be with us through whatever we may have to face in life. He gives us strength to keep going when all appears hopeless.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 3, 2019, # 928