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Becoming a Better Person

Better is what I want to be

Unceasingly striving so others see

I’ve changed from a shameful past,

Now I want good actions to last.

Transformation comes from a new heart

Surrendered to God right from the start,

He’ll live inside and help me along

And whisper to me so I’ll avoid wrong.

We’ll listen and talk, laugh and cry,

He won’t get upset when I ask Him why,

Love should rule over all my hate

With God every day I’ll make a date.

Majestic wisdom from His lips flow

Each time I heed it I’m sure to grow,

Unconditionally is how God loves me

His hope is the same, that better I’ll be.

Becoming a better person takes us a lifetime to accomplish. Some of us never get close to accomplishing it because they choose not to try. We love God first and become His child and then we go about trying to make changes. Many of us have lived shameful pasts, so we have trouble changing our old ways to God’s new and better ways overnight. We may want to do better, but often we still mess up in some of our weakest areas. It takes time and great determination to change for the better. Some Christians just want salvation, but don’t want to change their old harmful disabling habits. Until they do, they will never move forward and grow in their faith. Their lack of love for God is evident to others and God by their sinful actions, otherwise they would be making a greater effort to change their ways. They want the cake, but don’t want to work for it.

Transformation comes to those who truly surrender everything to God. God helps those who help themselves. God’s Spirit speaks words of wisdom to us if we will just pay attention and respond. We choose which way we will go, God’s way or Satan’s. I pray you will make a date with God every day and listen to what He is saying. Study His Word and believe that God wants the same thing for you, that you will become a new and better person, pleasing to Him. God wants the best for you, both physically and spiritually. Satan wants you to taste all the bad and damaging things in life. His goal is to kill you. God wants you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Love works two ways, we need to get love, but it’s also important for us to give love in return. That way both parties can benefit from the love.

Be a better Christian, one that makes God smile and point with pride toward his child. Don’t settle for less, seek more of God and you will be rewarded for your efforts. It’s good to look back and say, that’s where I used to be, but now I’ve moved forward to being better. Don’t go backwards, keep moving forward. Seek to love God more, that is what will keep you working harder to attain your goal.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 26, 2019, # 930