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Overlooking God’s Small Things

Looking only for the big things

I’ll miss things that are small,

Lessons and blessings God inter-mixes

Unexpected gold might be in the haul.

Slow down, don’t pass them by

Search His creation for a clue,

Don’t overlook these costly items

They’ve been placed there for you.

Some of our greatest joys in life

Exist in the small not the big,

Pick up a shovel, dirty your hands

Take the time to go out and dig.

Out pops a worm from the soil

Take it and place it on a hook,

Experience the way you catch a fish

Don’t just read about it in a book.

Don’t rob yourself, by being in a hurry

Nor take for granted everyday things,

Feel, touch, and wait for your surprise

God gifts both peasants and kings.

It’s not wrong to set a big goal to work towards, but if we don’t notice the small things that God wants us to see and learn from them, then we have done ourselves a huge disservice. Some people ignore the small mundane things and consider them as having in them nothing of importance. But God often teaches through these small things more than He does through the big important things. Overlooking these small things can be a hindrance to our spiritual growth. As you’ll recall, Jesus took a towel and began washing the feet of the disciples. The disciples couldn’t understand why the great Messiah would do this small service for others. He came to serve, not to be served. In our everyday lives we will come in contact with many people that we can stop and touch or we can look away from them and keep going. These small things can often teach us our greatest lessons and provide us with great unexpected blessings. God gifts us with having more humility through these small lessons. God is not in a hurry to educate us man’s way. God teaches us through all of His creation wisdom which comes slower to us than intellectual education from a book. Experience is the best teacher sometimes. Connecting with others deepens our love, and it refocuses our attention from self to others.

Jesus had time for the little children. They were small, but so important to Him. We can learn a lot from small children, and they can bring to us great joy. We can share our knowledge with them to help them grow as well. We all can grow from each other. Love and acceptance in our diversity is what God wants us to learn. God wants us to look for Him in everything and at different places we go. He’s growing you whether you recognize it or not.

Slow down and enjoy the faith journey. Don’t miss out on those small gems by hurriedly passing them by. God has all kinds of different blessings He wants to bestow on you if you’ll just stop and smell the roses.

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 29, 2019, # 931