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Discernment for Making Decisions

I love you Lord so much

And I want to do your will,

Show me which way to go

I’m in need of the Spirit’s fill.

Discerning your will for my life

Isn’t always easy for me to see,

May my mind be obedient to yours

It’s my will that we will agree.

I’ve been praying for an answer

But thus far, none has come,

Tho’ I know I must be patient

Unable to decide, I feel so dumb!

If I head in the wrong direction

Come and stop me right away,

Unstop my ears so I can hear

The words you’re trying to say.

You’ll guide me at the right time

For I trust in my Divine mate,

Your timing is different than mine

But I’m confident you won’t be late.

Have you ever had God’s Spirit to stop you from doing something that you were on the way to doing? It’s easier to discern God’s will when it comes to making selfish and sinful decisions, since we know God’s will is always righteous. But what about those times when we want to do God’s will but don’t have any idea what God wants us to do. In life we have to make one decision after another. One day we may have to make a major decision, while on another day we may make only a minor decision. All decisions require godly discernment. Should you marry, should you be a carpenter, preacher, secretary, mechanic, or a thousand other choices for a career? It’s not always easy to discern the right thing to do. We all wish we could know the mind of God clearly. According to (1 John 5:14) it says if we ask anything according to God’s will he will hear us. Don’t you wish He would answer audibly! It’s not going to be that easy unfortunately. However, God will guide us in our decisions and help to show us His will, plan, and purpose in time.

God somehow spoke to Abraham and told him to go to a different land He would show him. (Genesis 12:1) God sometimes speaks through His Spirit, visions, dreams, signs, and angels. God wants to give us guidance and direction. Listen and watch for His way of speaking to you. Scripture and the Holy Spirit will help you to make decisions. If you truly want to do God’s will, but find the direction you are headed is not God’s will, then perhaps God might in some way stop you. God didn’t allow Paul to go to Asia to preach. The Holy Spirit kept him from going there. It doesn’t say how the Holy Spirit stopped Paul from going to Asia, but God stopped him some way. Only afterward did Paul get the vision to go to Macedonia. (Acts 16:6-10).

Prayer is so important in our decision making. Keep the line of communication open with God every day. He knows your heart while you are serving him. Surrender completely to Him and always seek His will over your own. Obey, when you feel Him leading you to do something. You must be patient and wait on God to show you His way. When in God’s will, at the right time, God’s peace will come to you in what you’ve decided.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 10, 2019, # 933