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Misleading Devilish Urgings

I feel the tug of my fleshy part A source of negative feelings inside, Urging me down unholy trails Tempting me for a time to reside. I hear, "Come satisfy yourself now Taste a little bit, no one will know, You can have whatever you want Turn loose of the Spirit’s control. I’ll pamper you, fulfill your appetite In those spots where your will is weak, Where your body aches, I have a fix, Keep thinking on that which you seek. I want control, hand over your mind I’ll be around as long as you live, Don’t fight against me, just let go Call me Master, sweet things I’ll give. Don’t believe what the Spirit is saying That I’m wanting your soul to die, Turn away from all that religious stuff Believe me, for I would never lie!" The real truth comes only from God, who really loves and cares for us. The urgings of our human flesh are always lurking around though, seeking to destroy us. We have two sides within, wanting full control of our mind and actions. One is good, the other is evil. God is good and wants us to live in righteousness with him forever. Satan is doomed for hell, and he is busy trying to take as many as he can with him. Satan is the lier, God is all truth. We can listen to the enemy and go his way to death or listen to God’s Spirit who promises us a victorious life and delivery against sin and eternal death. We all die physically, but if we are children of God, we will experience spiritual life after death in heaven. We alone must do the choosing of which way we will go. It’s often quite hard to resist our fleshy sinful nature which yearns for self-gratification. It wants everything (my) way. It would sure be nice if God would wipe away, at the moment of salvation, all these unrighteous things from our minds and personalities. It doesn’t work that way unfortunately. We still find it easy to sin even though we love the Lord. We are constantly in a battle with our own negative instincts. The devil is scheming ways to trip us up and make us fall into sin. He tempts us in those areas where we lack willpower. The devil knows our weakest points. He wants us to dwell on those selfish, sinful things that promise bodily gratification. It’s hard when we focus on sinful desires to reject them. That’s why we need to cry out to the Holy Spirit to help us when we find ourselves in the heat of battle. Say to the Holy Spirit, help me right now! Focus more on God and how you can better serve Him, than on selfish pleasures. It’s all about walking in the light in a world filled with darkness. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit can we deny ourselves and be victorious. We cannot do it on our own. Choose God as your Master instead of Satan. Allow Him to guide you and teach you ways to overcome your evil and unholy desires. The more you love God, the more you will want to please him over yourself. The devil is full of tricks, be careful not to be misled. Sheila Wells Hughes, July 10, 2019, # 935