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Lord, Speak Personally to Me

I’m a little out of sorts, Lord Please come quickly to my side, Let’s have a conversation now We’ll both talk, but You guide. Thanks for teaching me Your Word But I’m in need of something more, Allow me a life-changing experience A treasured moment forever stored. Your thinking is far greater than mine And my voice often gets in the way, Have mercy upon your wayward child Get me back to hearing what you say. I still have areas where I need work Open my eyes and allow me to see, For I cannot change on my own From myself come and set me free. Stop me in my tracks if need be Bow my spirit unto your’s today, When you do I will be appreciative I’ll reciprocate with a love bouquet. God speaks to people today, but we have to listen before we can hear. Have you ever found yourself pointing a finger at someone else’s wrong ways, until you stopped and listened to God’s voice (Holy Spirit) and are brought off your high horse to being completely humbled before God, realizing you are guilty of the same offense? All of us have made some “doozy” past mistakes and need to learn from them. We need to turn our lives around by falling deeply in love with Jesus. A relationship with Jesus puts us in touch with the Person of scripture. We need to talk to God, but also allow Him to speak back to us. Having a biblical knowledge of the scriptures is not enough. The Pharisees had that. They tried keeping all the doctrines without having a personal relationship with Jesus. They found out they could not keep all those laws. None of us can on our own. Paul was another person who was very knowledgeable about scripture, but didn’t know Jesus personally. For a long time he persecuted Christians until he had a personal experience with the living Lord on the road to Damascus. Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to learn God’s Word as a book of guidance for life. But we need biblical knowledge and a personal experience with the God who speaks to us, otherwise we will not hear His voice and respond correctly, but rather we’ll hear our own voice over His. When God speaks, he isn’t giving us a new revelation about himself that contradicts what he has already revealed in scripture. God speaks in order to give application of His Word to the specific circumstances going on in our own life. When God speaks to us our life is never the same again. It’s so important to listen before acting. We need to hear and respond in love and obedience. When we do our life will be transformed for the better. We are to hear his voice, recognize it, and follow it. A lot of us are too busy listening to ourselves, so we miss what He is saying that will apply to our own life. God does speak to people. A vibrant relationship cannot occur if both parties never communicate though. I want to worship a God who knows me personally and cares about the areas where I still need work. I don’t want a silent religion. I want my encounters with God to be life-changing. My mind’s thinking is not always trustworthy, that’s why I need to be silent and listen to God’s voice speaking. Our thinking is far below God’s wisdom. (Isaiah 55:8-9) He sure turns me around quickly from going the wrong way once I hear what He is trying to say. Don’t abandon the love you had at first with Christ. (Revelation 2:4) Keep growing in love and you’ll be more obedient. Even love your enemies. God will show you how you can do it. God wants to give you experiences through a love relationship with Him. Sheila Wells Hughes, August 31, 2019, # 942