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Manipulative People

Negative emotions exist everywhere The enemy uses them to bring us down, He loves to use unhealthy manipulation – Lies to convince us his way is sound. Some people are devilish in their actions They want to use us to get their way, They’ll even try to make us feel guilty In order to make us do what they say. Instead of showing us respect and love They’re constantly trying to bend our will, They refuse being honest with us up front Thinking profit, they scheme a shady deal. Manipulative people are very demanding But come across in a sly and tricky way, Strategically they want us to owe them For with our emotions they love to play. God will never use on us manipulation He showed us real love on the cross, Our responses back to Him must be real He’ll never be an evil demanding boss. There are many negative emotions in life that we have to deal with: anger, hate, fear, worry, guilt, shame, and self-condemnation to mention a few. Today I’d like to write about manipulation. Guilt has a way of making some people vulnerable to manipulation. A person may use the phrase, “if you love me then you will do what I say.” People use this strategy to make others believe they owe them something. This is their way of manipulating them to get what they want. They are trying to bend the other person’s will in the process. And if the person they are working this manipulative measure on is feeling guilty then they are made to feel responsible for the other person’s happiness, so they go along with the manipulation. We shouldn’t try to prove our love to someone else by allowing them to manipulate us into doing what they want, because it will never satisfy them. They will try the same manipulative trick on us in the future. Don’t allow others to make you feel guilty just so they can get what they want. Another way some people allow themselves to be manipulated is so they can be a part of the in-crowd. When this happens you are not really a part, they are just using you to make you think that. A lot of people may realize they are being manipulated but pay the cost just to be seen in the click of popular people. Manipulative people tend to be demanding. Some people use a story to make us feel sorry for them just to get out of doing some kind of work and put that job on someone else. Real friends don’t do others that way. I fear there are a lot of people trying to look like real friends but merely want to use others for their benefit. The lies of the enemy are at work in our midst. The enemy loves to keep us in bondage to our negative emotions. We all wrestle with guilt and self-condemnation. We should never feel we have been created less than someone else. We deserve to be treated with respect and be shown we have worth. God understands and never tries to manipulate us into doing His work. God wants real love from our heart to be given to Him. When reciprocated love occurs we don’t feel we owe God, even though we do, for what He has done for us. He wants us to respond in obedience out of love instead of manipulation. Sometimes our physical problems have a root in spiritual and emotional problems. David shows us that in Psalm 38:3-6 when he felt guilt that God would bring wrath to him for his sinful actions. God does not make us sick when he is angry with us. Sickness strikes both the sinful and the righteous. We can make ourselves sick with worry though. Be real, not manipulative toward God and others. Sheila Wells Hughes, August 22, 2019, # 941