Don\'t Be a Doubter
by Kim Shannon on September 16th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes We are at a disadvantageIf the truth we refuse to see,Jesus became weak, then strongFor us, He died to set us free.Jesus is God in human formHe’ll save us, but not by force,He allows us free-will choiceHis dying seemed way too coarse.Jesus showed us another sideOf our God so we could know,He is gentle and compassionateFeeling our pain, tears may flow.Some only saw Him as M...  Read More
God Deals Differently With People
by Kim Shannon on September 9th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Comparisons most people makeWhen feeling on the slighted end,They can see obvious differencesWith an unbalanced load are pinned.Why, is the question they’re asking,Does God perhaps love them less?Sinners seem to have greater successWhile obedient ones have more mess.God does deal differently with peopleBut He loves His children the same,Since no one has the same characterD...  Read More
Limited Knowledge of Each Other
by Kim Shannon on September 2nd, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes How much you know about meIs limited, for I will decide,What I feel safe in sharingShould a fear inside me reside.My past was soiled with sinAnd I’d rather that no one know,The bad choices that I madeI’d like to bury them with a hoe.Of course, I’m unable to do thatBut those bad memories linger still,I cannot completely forget themOnce forgiven, they will not kill.God has g...  Read More
Remembering God Daily
by Kim Shannon on August 27th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Do you make a habit each dayOf remembering God in prayer?Do you stop, tell Him you love himAnd sure do appreciate His care?Emphasize your need for His helpHe’s nearer to you than you think,He listens closely to what you sayHe appears quicker than a blink.Don’t allow your heart to be proudFor you’ll think in a selfish way,You’ll concentrate more on yourselfGet distracted, a...  Read More
Christians Are God's Temple
by Kim Shannon on August 20th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Christians are now God’s templeHis Spirit inside us now lives,The Holy-of-Holies no longer existsThro’ our prayers, blessings He gives.Jesus is now the only High PriestHis sacrifice made for us a way,He paid our debt, removed the barrierAnd He listens to what we have to say.Our body is God’s functioning templeWe’re responsible to keep it pure,When sin comes knocking on the...  Read More
Passionate Love Versus Indifference
by Kim Shannon on August 16th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes When you sin, always be honestAdmit you messed up, did wrong,Love God and others passionatelyIn their lives you want to belong.God loves and puts up with usHe longs to forgive and restore,He uses our mistakes and failuresHe’s growing more love than before.Pain and suffering will open eyesWe’ll see that hurt goes both ways,Neither party must show indifferenceIt’s God’s pass...  Read More
Drawing Conclusions Too Quickly
by Kim Shannon on August 9th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Don’t draw conclusions quicklyIt’s possible you may be wrong,Since our eyes cannot always seeWait, for the truth to come along.Investigate first before decidingAsk God to please show you more,Give others the benefit of doubtDon’t try to make a sinful score!Sin will corrupt what it touchesTread lightly, try to stay clear,We all at times have been affectedWithout realizing, ...  Read More
Anoint My Head with Oil
by Kim Shannon on August 3rd, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Good Shepherd, I call out to youCome quickly and anoint my head,I trust you to tend to my needsProtect me from harm, keep me fed.Jesus is watching, He’s my ShepherdHe alone has the power that can save,Because of His dying, paying my debtHis Spirit will raise me from the grave.He’s my Messiah, the “Anointed One”To my sinful ways He will object,His Spirit is the oil that tea...  Read More
Disagreement Creates Division
by Kim Shannon on July 30th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes All Christians do not agreeOn every matter during our life,The strong bear weight for the weakWe get rid of things bringing strife.We all are different in ChristNew Christians, some truth is obscure,Teach them in love, don’t offendUntil God’s truth in them is secure.Careful, don’t put a stumbling blockAnd cause another person to sin,The way that our God sees itIn Christ, a...  Read More
Is Your Heart Clean?
by Kim Shannon on July 28th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes We constantly wash our handsHow clean today is your heart?Does the thought cross your mind?If not, do you think it could start?Cleanliness comes with intentionDaily we must work at it hard,Sin has a way of slipping right inSatan wants our soul to be marred.God desires for us all to be holyHe stands ready to show us grace,He knows if we greatly love HimFewer sins in our lif...  Read More
Jesus, King of Love and Joy
by Kim Shannon on July 17th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes We must be careful and balanceBoth seriousness with our joy,Jesus can turn frowns to smilesAnd rid us of the things that annoy.He came to us, had an attitude of joyEven though He knew He would die,He felt no bitterness for His serviceOur redemption He unselfishly did buy.He thought of us first, and Him lastHumility He wore, He did not boast,Because of His sacrifice for all...  Read More
Painful Emotion of Rejection
by Kim Shannon on July 12th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Feeling rejected will hurt us deeplyUnloved, unwanted, full of pain,Even if we appear somewhat sunnyOn the inside, we’re full of rain.Being wounded by those closestHurts us worse than any stranger,It strikes the core of who we areWe fret, fearful of more danger.Negatively we feel stupid, a failureWe doubt others want us as a friend,We now feel we don’t measure upWe wonder ...  Read More