Placing Faith in Man Over God
by Kim Shannon on January 26th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes We must put more trust in GodWhat He says, He will always do,We can imitate godly faith of othersHe wants us to be His godly crew.Don’t idolize anyone over your GodNor place more confidence in them,Misplaced faith annoys our GodStealing His glory may make yours dim.God calls each of us to do His workBut our jobs may not be the same,He knows when He’s been overlookedMaking ...  Read More
Don't Lose Hope
by Kim Shannon on January 19th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes Worry and fear comes callingAnd brings to our eyes a tear,When our loved ones have diedSpecial ones that are so dear.Life in this world is stressfulWhen bleak conditions appear,Without hope from God and othersDarkness affects how we steer.We need strength and courageA means to fight against despair,Some love and generosity broughtShowing that someone does care.Recovery doe...  Read More
Happiness Quest
by Kim Shannon on January 12th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes We all want to be happySmiling from ear to ear,Unhappy, none of us wantDon’t want it to come near.Our eyes see, our heart wantsMany things to us that appeal,If they make us look goodWe try to grab hold of the feel.Selfishness invades our thoughtsSatisfaction we want each day,We’d rather leave work behindFor most choose rather to play.A balance of happy and sadSeems to make...  Read More
by Kim Shannon on January 10th, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes We often hide from the truthTo make ourselves look good,We’ll lie and refuse to admitReasoning not always understood.Why do we act this way?We make excuses, flip the blameThe fault lies with someone elseJust one reason why Jesus came.We cannot always trust our heartSince we’d rather believe we’re right,Satan loves to trip us all upConvince us to see with his sight.God’s Sp...  Read More
Heartfelt Pleas
by Kim Shannon on January 1st, 2022
Written by Sheila Hughes If we stubbornly sin against GodAnd refuse to see our wrong,God rightfully holds us accountableHe may send painful discipline along.Selfish sins separate us from GodWe can see only what we desire,Bud God is all seeing and knowingHe knows what our hearts desire.We cannot hide things from HimHe watches everything that we do,Bad behavior wounds God’s heartAnd it will end up h...  Read More
Jesus Comes Twice to Earth
by Kim Shannon on December 22nd, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Fire me, cleanse me of sinI want to be holy like you,Draw me through the Holy SpiritTransform me, make me new.Give me personal proof you existAs only you Lord can actually do,Guide me to the place you want meReveal your character in a miraculous hue.Blow my mind with unfamiliar thingsThat will convince me you are real,As my mouth in surprise drops openFeed me spiritually a...  Read More
Journey of Faith
by Kim Shannon on December 16th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes My eyes, suddenly, are impairedThis dark day when I cannot see,Unexpected and painful surprisesArrive, hoping my faith will flee.On my Christian journey of faithThe bumpy times cause me to fear,The more that I shut my God outMuch harder His voice I’ll hear.I don’t look forward to dark daysFor they bring much suffering along,My feelings rush in, get in the wayThey snatch fr...  Read More
Time Alone with God
by Kim Shannon on December 10th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes The searchlight of God shinesDeep within a person’s heart,He wants to be alone with youSo His wisdom lessons can start.Come aside from the busynessGo to a special place with Him,Spend time every day meditatingHis light takes away your dim.He wants attention, no distractionsLet Him be your best friend,Talk together with Him openlyHe’ll console, hurts He’ll mend.Greet Him an...  Read More
Life Is Not Fair
by Kim Shannon on December 3rd, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Living in this Fallen worldUnderstanding in us must grow,We start out small, a babyEducation comes to us slow.We cannot see our futureWe’re schooled day-to-day,There’s much we need to learnFor still many areas are gray.Our bodies and minds growFrom the time we are born,Hopefully we keep on growingTill we die, loved ones mourn.It doesn’t take us long to seeThat life on eart...  Read More
Making Memories with God
by Kim Shannon on December 1st, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Memories are vital to learningGifting us with riches through life,We carry them with us joyfullyAnd the times we’ve suffered strife.Make memories with your GodDon’t forget what He has done,Be grateful, think on them dailyAnd never away from them run.If we’re distracted, we’ll forget GodWe will stray from Him and sin,If love grows cold, memories fadeHe’ll seem more like a d...  Read More
Enemies of the Christian
by Kim Shannon on November 19th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Feeling the world is against usWe may edge toward despair,Support is what we do seekA person who says they care.Inner nourishment is neededWhen enemies come around,Often, we cannot see themBut evil upon us they pound.Enemies work on our mindsTry to arouse sinful desires,They tempt, are hard to refuseKeep in mind they are liars.We need help and fellowshipHelping us to right...  Read More
Strength Through Weakness
by Kim Shannon on November 12th, 2021
Written by Sheila Hughes Lord, will you not grant to meHealing of this aggravating thorn,Is my faith not strong enough?Perplexed, my attitude is torn.Why must I continue to suffer,This condition is holding me back,Rid me of it, I’ll accomplish moreIt’s too heavy for me to pack!I’m sure I’d have way more successIf you’d take this agony away,Are you listening to my prayers?Explain why this thorn mus...  Read More