Painful Emotion of Rejection

Written by Sheila Hughes
Feeling rejected will hurt us deeply
Unloved, unwanted, full of pain,
Even if we appear somewhat sunny
On the inside, we’re full of rain.

Being wounded by those closest
Hurts us worse than any stranger,
It strikes the core of who we are
We fret, fearful of more danger.

Negatively we feel stupid, a failure
We doubt others want us as a friend,
We now feel we don’t measure up
We wonder if we will ever mend.

Measuring ourselves by false standards
Licking our wounds, can we be free?
Comparing ourselves to all others
I guess this is who we’ll always be.

God is seeing you very differently
Accept His truth so you’ll better see,
Allow Him to free you of bondage
Move ahead, be who you want to be.
I think rejection is probably the most painful bondage people can experience. It especially hurts us the deepest when the rejection comes from someone closest to us. It’s never good from a stranger either, but more damage is inflicted by those closest. Not feeling loved or accepted can damage the view of our own worth, our worth to others, and our worth to God. We tend to become more self-critical in our thinking. Rejection causes us to falsely believe the lies of the devil. We wonder if we are stupid, ugly, or just a complete failure. Being rejected we doubt that people will accept us again. We naturally tend to compare ourselves with others in the hope of feeling better, but end up seeing ourselves in a more negative light. We feel we must reach a certain standard before being worthy of respect, for we wouldn’t have been rejected in the first place otherwise. We become depressed, even if we don’t show it to others, and we doubt we’ll ever be good enough, and lose hope. We may even go overboard in trying to gain pleasing attention from others, but unless peace is made between the one who did the rejecting of us, we will keep on carrying around the heavy burden inside.

It's great when we can mend our broken hearts together, but our freedom may not always come the way we would like. The other party may not feel a thing about what they’ve said or done to us, so they may not feel any remorse. We cannot afford to carry this burden for life, but we need to get relief from our God, who knows what it feels like to be rejected. Jesus forgave all mankind for our sins on the cross. We need to let go of our critical thought patterns about ourselves and accept His truth. Jesus accepts us for who we are. He places worthiness on us all. God sees us differently because He knows us far better than anyone else could.

Let go of that bondage you may be feeling due to rejection. Don’t allow it to destroy everything good about you. Think positively and allow God’s more powerful love of you to overcome Satan’s negative lies.

Sheila Wells Hughes, July 10, 2021, # 1,040

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