Disagreement Creates Division

Written by Sheila Hughes
All Christians do not agree
On every matter during our life,
The strong bear weight for the weak
We get rid of things bringing strife.

We all are different in Christ
New Christians, some truth is obscure,
Teach them in love, don’t offend
Until God’s truth in them is secure.

Careful, don’t put a stumbling block
And cause another person to sin,
The way that our God sees it
In Christ, all believers are His kin.

Regardless of color, race, language
Unity is what we should protect,
Ill feelings that bring confusion
His followers must quickly reject.

Dangerous attitudes and behaviors
Can cripple God’s witness and work,
Satan is busy creating much division
Be aware, evil around us does lurk.
Christian believers are to come together in unity. Even though we all may believe in Jesus as our Savior, there still remains differences over matters that are neither commanded nor forbidden in scripture. There may be personal preferences and historic tradition, when imposed on others, causes confusion, ill will, affects consciences, and causes disharmony. Satan loves to work in these areas that create division among those in the church. Certain attitudes and behaviors can destroy fellowship and cripple the work and witness of a church congregation. Paul experienced this struggle of those who were different accepting others.
The Greeks and Romans were polytheistic (worshipping many gods) and polydemonistic (believing in many evil spirits). They believed that evil spirits would try to invade human beings by attaching themselves to food before it was eaten, and that the spirits could be removed only by the food being sacrificed to a god. The food sacrificed supposedly was to gain favor with the god, but also to cleanse the meat from demonic contamination. Some of the meat ended up for sale in the market place. The weak in faith were afraid to buy and eat these meats and decided only to eat vegetables. Paul and (mature believers) knew better, since they knew these deities didn’t exist and evil spirits did not contaminate food. Yet, Paul did not want believers offending (weaker believers) by exercising their freedoms, but rather to build up the others in truth and wisdom. Paul preached for us to pursue the things which make for peace. The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom. 14:17). We are not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way (Rom. 14:13). If you invited someone back then and now to your home to eat, don’t serve to them what you know will offend them. Treat them with love until they can see the truth.

Christ believes real love can overcome Satan’s ways of division. Today, we still have differing attitudes and behaviors within the church. We all are different, yet Christ’s love has the power to bring us together in peace and unity. We all think and see certain things as being sinful, even though God’s Word doesn’t call them sinful. Use mature Christian ways of dealing with these differences in order to keep the peace. It’s not what goes into the body that is sinful, but what comes out of the mouth through harmful words that is sinful. Read Rom. 14:1-15:13, 1 Cor. 8:1-9, 1 Cor. 10:23-32 to cover everything mentioned. Our decisions as believers will be examined, so don’t quarrel, or judge your brother or sister.

Sheila Wells Hughes, July 29, 2021, # 1, 043

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