Anoint My Head with Oil

Written by Sheila Hughes
Good Shepherd, I call out to you
Come quickly and anoint my head,
I trust you to tend to my needs
Protect me from harm, keep me fed.

Jesus is watching, He’s my Shepherd
He alone has the power that can save,
Because of His dying, paying my debt
His Spirit will raise me from the grave.

He’s my Messiah, the “Anointed One”
To my sinful ways He will object,
His Spirit is the oil that teaches me,
Makes me strong, so enemies I’ll reject.

He’s the giver of overflowing riches
Mental torment He can drive away,
His mercy and forgiveness are limitless
If I need Him, He’ll be here today.

Accept Jesus as your Savior today
Don’t ever wait until it’s too late,
Cover your ears to the lies of Satan
Don’t eat the food he dangles as bait.
In Psalm 23, “He anoints my head with oil” was figurative language for God keeping the psalmist (healthy). Jesus is our “Anointed One”. Messiah comes from the word for anointed. His followers are considered as (His sheep). Jesus is our Good Shepherd. There are figurative ways of looking at the word anointing. The oil was even used in Bible times by a host before a meal to anoint the head of a guest, as well as they would wash their feet. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we believers have been given the oil of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps protect us from enemies throughout life. The Holy Spirit guides us in learning God’s Word and in righteousness. We have been blessed with the hope of eternal life after death. Our Good Shepherd loves us unconditionally and watches out for us, both in life and in death. He is the giver of overflowing riches, our cup runneth over!

People who watch over sheep, (the animal), are also called shepherds. Sheep can get their head caught in briars and die trying to get untangled. There are horrid little flies that like to torment the sheep by laying eggs in their nostrils, which turn into worms and drive the sheep to beat their heads against a rock, sometimes to death. Their ears and eyes are also susceptible to tormenting insects, so the shepherd anoints their whole head with oil. Then, there is peace that forms a barrier of protection against the evil that tries to destroy the sheep. The oil also soothed any scratches or wounds the sheep might get.

Do you have times of mental torment? Do worrisome thoughts invade your mind over and over? Do you figuratively beat your head against a wall trying to stop them? If so, have you ever asked your Good Shepherd to anoint your head with oil? He has an endless supply! His oil protects and makes possible for you to fix your heart, mind, and eyes on Him today and always. May your Good Shepherd anoint your head with oil today so that your cup overflows with blessings. Jesus loves you greatly, His mercy and forgiveness is also limitless. He will protect you daily from enemies who want to harm you. Thank your Good Shepherd (Jesus), for He is good and faithful, and he cares about your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health.

Sheila Wells Hughes, August 3, 2021, # 1,044

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