Drawing Conclusions Too Quickly

Written by Sheila Hughes
Don’t draw conclusions quickly
It’s possible you may be wrong,
Since our eyes cannot always see
Wait, for the truth to come along.

Investigate first before deciding
Ask God to please show you more,
Give others the benefit of doubt
Don’t try to make a sinful score!

Sin will corrupt what it touches
Tread lightly, try to stay clear,
We all at times have been affected
Without realizing, it can appear.

Gossip can be constantly heard
Watch out, on how much you feed,
We can know right from wrong
Don’t allow the wrong to take seed.

Spiritually mature people can be wrong
Get distracted from what they know,
Pray, ask God for His understanding
We’re accountable for what we sow.
A good thing to remember is that we cannot draw conclusions too quickly. There is no way we can ever know everything about every situation. There are many things which are hidden to our eyes. There’s not any way we can possibly see, know, and comprehend what might be happening in everyone’s life. A lot of times things are just not what they appear to be. Often, we cannot take things at face value. We need to investigate further and perhaps uncover new discoveries. We can know what is evil and what is good though, what is right and wrong. The Bible tells us that even if we “understand all mysteries and all knowledge, …but have not love”, we are nothing (1 Cor. 13:2). All of us are guilty of voicing negative opinions and feelings through gossip.

We want to know any inside scandal and sin about another person’s life. Gossip can hurt everyone, including ourselves. Be careful what you hear and pass on to others. A person’s character is at stake. Believers are called to “overcome evil with good” (Rom. 12:21). Sin corrupts what it touches, including our thought patterns. It clouds our vision and keeps us from thinking clearly and correctly. If we hear good things, we can be influenced by it. The same applies if we hear bad things. False thinking and believing can affect our true belief. Jesus warned that false thinking and understanding would occur in the days before His return. He warned that even spiritually mature Christians would be in danger of falling victim to deception and error (Matt. 24:10-13).

I hope you will guard yourself against false teaching. Walk away from it and don’t listen to it. Study God’s Word so you can know His truth. Don’t get distracted. Ask God to help keep your mind on the right track. The Lord wants to direct you each day. Listen more to what His Holy Spirit is saying to you. Ask Him to direct the right kind of thoughts and behaviors. If we ask, He will respond to us. Always desire to be like Him, and always ask Him to give you more love.

Sheila Wells Hughes, August 8, 2021, # 1, 045

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