Passionate Love Versus Indifference

Written by Sheila Hughes
When you sin, always be honest
Admit you messed up, did wrong,
Love God and others passionately
In their lives you want to belong.

God loves and puts up with us
He longs to forgive and restore,
He uses our mistakes and failures
He’s growing more love than before.

Pain and suffering will open eyes
We’ll see that hurt goes both ways,
Neither party must show indifference
It’s God’s passionate love that saves.

We all need a heart that’s sensitive
One that loves sincerely and true,
God wants all his followers to love
This same way, and not just a few.

Indifference, by turning our backs
Is the one thing our God abhors,
It’s this kind of negative feelings
That brings hatred, along with wars.
A relationship with an invisible God will always include times of uncertainty. Sometimes we find that our relationships with humans also have a bumpy ride on occasion as well. That doesn’t mean we lose our love for someone if we get upset with each other. If we love someone truly and passionately with our whole heart, that kind of love never leaves us. We may sulk for a while toward that person who hurt us, but our heart longs for restoration again. I’m glad we serve a God who does not give up on us. Even though David broke half of the Ten Commandments, David passionately loved God. God can handle anger, blame, and willful disobedience. There is one thing that God abhors though, and that is indifference. “They turned their backs to me and not their faces,” God told Jeremiah, in a damning charge against Israel (Jer. 32:33). The people literally abandoned God. David, as king, could have denied what he did when confronted by Nathan. He even could have killed Nathan. But instead, the true greatness of David came out when he honestly admitted that he had sinned against the Lord (2 Sam. 12:13). The Lord is looking for a broken spirit (Ps. 51:4). David loved God and wanted to please Him so he sought God’s mercy and forgiveness. This is why David was a man after God’s own heart.

We all make mistakes and mess up. Anger, blame, and willful disobedience come to call on us all unfortunately. But our heart can be sensitive toward our sins and wrong-doing. We can show indifference in our relationship to God and others by turning our backs to them, or we can admit our wrongs and truly ask to be forgiven. Our actions show our true character when we humbly bow before God and try to make things right again with those we’ve wronged. True passionate confession and repentance is what pleases God, not indifference. God wants us to love Him with true love, not false love.

When we sin, God wants us all to have a broken and contrite heart when it comes to our relationship with Him and all others. It’s not (if) we sin, it’s (when) we sin. We all have times when we allow our feelings to get in the way and we mess up. Just remember, it pleases God if we love Him passionately. He greatly abhors indifference, so don’t turn your back on Him.

Sheila Wells Hughes, August 14, 2021, # 1,046

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