Christians Are God's Temple

Written by Sheila Hughes
Christians are now God’s temple
His Spirit inside us now lives,
The Holy-of-Holies no longer exists
Thro’ our prayers, blessings He gives.

Jesus is now the only High Priest
His sacrifice made for us a way,
He paid our debt, removed the barrier
And He listens to what we have to say.

Our body is God’s functioning temple
We’re responsible to keep it pure,
When sin comes knocking on the door
Don’t give in to Satan’s tempting lure.

Nothing man-made does God live in
No matter how beautiful it may be,
Buildings nor material things leave earth
Only our souls when He sets us free.

Some future day we’ll see His glory
We’ll live with Him in a perfect place,
Filled with gratitude we’ll worship Him
Forever thank Him for forgiveness and grace.

In Jesus’ day everyone including the disciples placed so much importance on the temple in Jerusalem. On the Mt. of Olives Jesus taught the disciples about the future destruction of the temple. It was difficult for the disciples to comprehend. Jesus told them at the time when the temple will be destroyed “not one stone would be left on another; everyone would be thrown down” (Mt. 24:1-2). They asked Jesus when this would happen, and what would be the sign of this end of age. They assumed the temple’s destruction would have to do with the end of the age. Why would they think this way? Mainly because the temple was everything to the Jewish people. It was an awesome place, that took thousands of craftsmen years to build, which had towering walls, some out of white marble. The gates were decorated with gold and silver. The Beautiful Gate was 75 feet high and 60 feet wide and it was covered with polished brass. This splendor made it difficult for the disciples to imagine the temple’s ruin unless the world was coming to an end. Enormous stones from the temple wall can still be seen in Jerusalem today. One is 27 feet long and weighs at least 200 tons. No wonder the disciples were so impressed by the stones. They couldn’t imagine the destruction of such a magnificent building of massive stones. Back then, God’s Presence was in the Holy-of-Holies inside the temple. Jesus did give the disciples some (signs) of the future end days, but only the Father knows the time this will take place. The temple was destroyed, but it didn’t occur during the end times.

Jesus knew that in our present day we would not need a temple in which to worship, for God’s Spirit would live inside us and we could worship God through His Spirit. God’s people are the church/temple, and not a building. Acts 17:24 says that the God who made the world does not live inside temples built by hands. We can come into God’s presence in prayer no matter where we might be in the world. In the end times, our King Jesus will return for His church. We will worship Him then in person. It is good to worship God in a church building for we need to interact with each other and grow in love. Since our body is God’s temple now, keep it holy. Place your hope and love in Jesus instead of a building. A building cannot save you, only Jesus can. Jesus will (shine) much brighter than anything man-made. Some future day we will be able to see His awesome glory!

Sheila Wells Hughes, August 20, 2021, # 1,047

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