Remembering God Daily

Written by Sheila Hughes
Do you make a habit each day
Of remembering God in prayer?
Do you stop, tell Him you love him
And sure do appreciate His care?

Emphasize your need for His help
He’s nearer to you than you think,
He listens closely to what you say
He appears quicker than a blink.

Don’t allow your heart to be proud
For you’ll think in a selfish way,
You’ll concentrate more on yourself
Get distracted, and forget to pray.

By avoiding God, shutting Him out
Our relationship can become rocky,
If we don’t consciously remember
Our walk, our talk, can get sloppy.

If your children paid no attention
Nor ever wanted to come around,
That would kill us deeply inside
Never hearing from their voices a sound.
Having a close personal relationship with God is similar to having a close relationship with our own children. If we truly love our family, we desire to be with them on a regular basis. We miss them terribly when they are away from us for very long. We want to see them and hear their voices. What is happening to them on a daily basis matters to us. We want them to know we are always near should they need us. A hug, a kiss, and hearing from their mouths that they love us means everything to us. We want to be a part of their lives as often as we possibly can. We want our immediate family and extended family to grow up remembering the great times we’ve had together. The only way we can do that is to practice daily conscious remembering. Connecting with them in person, by phone, text, or Facetime keeps us informed on what is happening to them. We want them to know they can depend on us more than anyone else. They are a deep and loving part of our lives.

Our God feels the same way about his children. Being a Christian qualifies us as His children because Jesus loved us so much he died for us. God wants his children to practice conscious remembering of Him on a daily basis. He wants us to come into his presence and He will listen to what we have to say. He loves us more than we as humans can fathom. He wants to teach us and guide us through His Holy Spirit our entire lives. He doesn’t want us to become proud and feel we don’t need him. He is pleased if we show him passionate love in return. Whether we speak out loud to Him in prayer, or speak silently through our thoughts, He can hear us. His Spirit lives inside of us. He doesn’t want us to be indifferent, taken to an extreme measure, and eventually grow cold and (forget) about Him, or worse, abandon Him completely. (Deut. 6:12)

Take a break out of your busy day, take a walk, see the beauty of His Creation, and be sure to thank Him for who He is, and what He’s done and is doing in your life. Tell Him sincerely from your heart how much you love Him. This will please Him and bring a smile to his face.

Sheila Wells Hughes, August 26, 2021, # 1,048

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