Limited Knowledge of Each Other

Written by Sheila Hughes
How much you know about me
Is limited, for I will decide,
What I feel safe in sharing
Should a fear inside me reside.

My past was soiled with sin
And I’d rather that no one know,
The bad choices that I made
I’d like to bury them with a hoe.

Of course, I’m unable to do that
But those bad memories linger still,
I cannot completely forget them
Once forgiven, they will not kill.

God has given mankind free-will
We decide how much we’ll share,
The closer we become to friends
We can extend more love and care.

God is love, be more like Him
Do what is righteous and pure,
He helps us not to dwell on the past
Love like His will forever endure.
We go through life making relationships. Some of our relationships are much closer than others. Some relationships are only casual acquaintances, we barely know them. We (know of them), but (don’t know them personally). Close personal relationships we value. We find in time that we can trust some people, whereas others we cannot. If we compare our life with our Lord and Savior’s life, we see how we come up short of his perfect life. The longer we live, the more we experience things that are not good for us. We all will sin many times throughout life. Those things we’ve done in our past that we’re not proud of, we don’t want others to know, so we keep that part hidden. Even our closest friends don’t know everything about us. They only know what we allow them to know. Same applies to them allowing us to only know what they feel safe sharing. We must remember, once sins are forgiven, we can move ahead and put them behind us. We shouldn’t dwell on them, even though we cannot forget them completely. Not forgetting them hopefully helps us not to make the same sinful mistakes again.

Growing up with childhood friends we thought we knew everything about each other. We formed an everlasting bond with them. Those close friends we’ll never forget. The closer we become to someone else, we share more of who we really are. Real friends love us for who we are, and we love them back the same way. Trust and love are the main attributes we all seek in relationships.

Only God can know us fully, although we cannot know God completely. We know only what He allows. God remains a mystery to us. God told Jeremiah, “Am I only a God nearby and not a God far away?” (Jer. 23:23) Isaiah said, “Truly you are a God who hides himself.” (Isaiah 45:15) God knows what we are thinking, we are incapable of knowing the minds of others. I wonder how that will work in Heaven compared to down here. There won’t be any reason to hide anything in Heaven for sin will no longer be around. Whether we’ll have a greater capacity to (sense) without speaking, I cannot say. Our connections possibly may change in ways we cannot fully comprehend in this life.

I hope you’ll seek close relationships. The first and second great commandments require us to love God and each other. (Mt. 22:37-38) When you share for someone else’s benefit, that’s love. Giving greater love, gets greater love. Don’t just exist, live life loving, abundantly.

Sheila Wells Hughes, September 2, 2021, # 1,049

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