God Deals Differently With People

Written by Sheila Hughes
Comparisons most people make
When feeling on the slighted end,
They can see obvious differences
With an unbalanced load are pinned.

Why, is the question they’re asking,
Does God perhaps love them less?
Sinners seem to have greater success
While obedient ones have more mess.

God does deal differently with people
But He loves His children the same,
Since no one has the same character
Different methods He will use to tame.

God wants us to grow in His grace
His patience is more than we deserve,
He’s with us in the good and the bad
In painful lessons, blessings we observe.

When our emotions are running high
Allow God to take hold of the wheel,
His power is far greater than ours
Humbly surrender and obey His will.
Most people are concerned with how God deals with them compared to how He deals with others, especially if other people don’t seem to have as much pain as they do. We are often, without realizing it, full of pride and selfish ambition and we gauge our own significance against others. We need to be free of the sinful comparisons and coveting of someone else. God is aware of our circumstances and our deficiencies. Our body, mind, and circumstances are not an accident. He is calling us to grow in grace. (2 Pet. 3:18) God does not expect you to be someone else. He’s proud of who you are. You are one of a kind. He has plans to make you shine brightly. We need to focus on Him more than ourselves. When things go sour and get out of hand, we naturally have fears that rush into our minds. We feel we must handle everything on our own and grab the wheel from God to steer. It’s an automatic reaction when unpleasant surprise circumstances occur. Our God is unseen, since He is Spirit, and we must deal with people that we can see, so we jump into action. We don’t mean to leave God out; we just feel responsible for making quick decisions. God wants us to call out quickly to Him for help and trust our unseen God to show up. God knows ahead of us what will happen, so he is never caught off-guard. We must cry out for His mercy, grace, and watch care over us. We need to humbly pray for courage and strength to deal with other people during our own trials and difficulties. We are unsuccessful in our own power to change our situation. Feeling our sense of weakness is what brings us to God for help. It’s the Holy Spirit who intercedes for us in accordance with God’s will, not what we would wish for. (Rom. 8:26-27) Should we allow other sinful things to stifle the Spirit, then God often uses trials and difficulties to open our eyes to the truth. We shouldn’t complain, but rather we need to cooperate with God’s plan for our lives. That’s hard to do when our emotions are running high. We just want the pain and suffering to stop. Only later can we see how God was with us through it all.

It’s not (our business) how God deals with others compared to how He deals with us. (John 21:20-22) God knows what He is doing. What would work for me wouldn’t work for you. Comparisons can lead to sinful problems. Our mysterious unwelcomed surprises can have a good outcome. Thank God for His love and personal lessons on how to deal with people and circumstances in life.

Sheila Wells Hughes, September 9, 2021, # 1,050

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