God Approves Questions, Disapproves Unbelief

Written by Sheila Hughes
Almighty God of our universe
Sends His holy angels our way,
They may speak, or may be silent
God’s message some way they relay.

They appear suddenly without warning
So amazing, it brings us some fear,
God strengthens us so we can see it
Frozen, astonishingly, at it we peer.

Nothing seems familiar to our eyes
The supernatural blows our mind,
We know for a fact, it is from God
From God, the angels’ duty was assigned.

God calls us to do a special job
A servant to Him he wants us to be,
He’ll accept sincere questions from us
He knows our thoughts, of wanting to see.

He knows beforehand our true heart
And whether we’ll say yes to his will,
So amazing the experience He gives us
Forever grateful, we humbly accept the deal.
There are two people that God sent the angel Gabriel to in order to tell them the good news about them going to have a baby. We read about both in Luke 1. Gabriel appeared first to Zechariah while he was on duty serving before God in the temple. Gabriel appeared suddenly to Zechariah when he least expected it at the right side of the altar of incense. Naturally, Zechariah was frightened to say the least! Another thing God usually does, as he did with both these people, is he has the angel appear to that person alone, no witnesses around to prove what they saw. God wants us to share without fear of how others will believe us or not. God knows it happened, that’s all we should need and be grateful. Zechariah was told by Gabriel that his barren wife would bear a son in her old age, and he would be named John. Since Zechariah had a problem believing what Gabriel said, God made Zechariah go mute until the delivery of the baby. It was a mild (rebuke) on God’s part for Zechariah’s disbelief. John and Elizabeth’s son would be known as John the Baptist, he would make ready a people prepared for the Lord. (Jesus)

The other person God sent the angel Gabriel to was a young, poor girl named Mary, favored by God to have His Son Jesus, even though she was a virgin. Gabriel appeared again (only) to Mary, leaving no proof to another. Mary believed what Gabriel said, but she questioned in a sincere way how since she was a virgin and didn’t understand. She told Gabriel that yes, she would do God’s will and birth His son, once Gabriel explained she would conceive by the Holy Spirit. Mary said, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” (Luke 1:38) Mary didn’t calculate the cost of her public disgrace, or worse, she might be let go from her fiancé, Joseph, or even stoned to death. She was willing to do God’s will whatever the cost.

If God has called you to do something, believe that He will make a way for it to happen. Never disbelieve like Zechariah. I too can relate to these two people, for angels appeared in fiery balls inside our church one night to me. No one else was there to see it but me. It happened suddenly and was scary. I cannot prove it, but God knows it happened, so I haven’t been afraid to share it. When God comes, believe and be willing to do what he says. We have to (step out for God) without proof to hand to others. God doesn’t make it easy for us, but the appearance/vision was enough for me! I’m forever grateful!

Sheila Wells Hughes, May 9, 2022, # 1,088

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