A Puzzle Piece Part

By Sheila Hughes
I’m just an ordinary person
Yet, God sees potential in me,
He wants me in His new kingdom
But only if I choose to be.

I cannot foresee the future
But God knows what I can do,
He wants to be seen by me
And hold me together like glue.

He chooses the most unlikely ones
To unexpectedly work a wonder,
We can hear His voice speak softly
Other times, it’s loud like thunder.

He can change the evil side of us
Into something better, more like Him,
He trims the dead part out of us
Helps us grow a useable new limb.

He has an exciting future planned
For those who want to be a part,
Each piece of His puzzle is important
Don’t wait on this journey to start!
It’s amazing to me how God can use ordinary people like ourselves to impact others, thereby setting off a chain reaction that can have a profound significance later. Bible stories indicate how God works in history. The genealogy of the Bible blows our mind of how God has chosen to use the most unlikely people with an awesome outcome. It’s hard for us to see that our tiny lives can actually make a difference in God’s great vision to restore and redeem His creation. We cannot see the overall view, beginning to end, the way our Father can. Regardless of our gift, God has stored all the names of his children in his all-knowing mind of what we each have done of importance. We are a part of the big puzzle He is putting together, showing what we are doing for His kingdom. Look how God used the prostitute Rahab, who was willing to risk her life for the Israelites because she sensed that God was with them. She did her part in helping the Israelites move into the promised land. Later on, another Jewish family suffered loss. Naomi lost her husband and two sons, leaving her with two (non-Jewish) daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah. Widows are usually poor, so Naomi decided to travel back to her homeland to find help. She encouraged her daughters-in-law to return to Moab to find husbands. Orpah did, but Ruth insisted on coming with Naomi. A “chance” encounter with a wealthy landowner named Boaz resulted in Ruth’s marriage. They had a son named Obed. As strange as it sounds, Rahab was Boaz’s mother. Then, Obed was the father of Jesse, who was the father of King David, Israel’s greatest King. Years later, the line of David, produced a man named Joseph, the husband of Mary, who was Jesus’ mother. Rahab thought she was a nobody. But look how God used her to bring about our Lord and Savior Jesus! God sees all his children as a somebody of importance.

God is using you now without you realizing it. Who knows what important part you are playing in His big plan. Don’t sell yourself short. God sure doesn’t! He sees you as playing a significant part in His up-coming new kingdom. Jesus is our King eternally. He came to us from the Father in an unimaginable way. Our Father is a mind-blowing God who doesn’t want you to miss out on playing your part in His overall scheme of importance with destiny. Allow Him to use you so you too will be a puzzle piece part of His great plan of redemption.

Sheila Wells Hughes, June 28, 2022, # 1,097

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